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Report From Rome Confirms Dr. Thomas Horn’s Upcoming ONE WORLD RISING Conference Presentation, Claims Pope Benedict Never Abdicated To Pope Francis And REAL Petrus Romanus Is Yet To Be Enthroned

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In a previous article we demonstrated to you in a scientific and incontrovertible way how Pope Benedict XVI never abdicated and remained the only pope until the end of his life: he renounced the ministerium, the exercise of power, just as Benedict VIII did – exactly 1000 years earlier in 1013 – with the difference that Ratzinger did it in full power. This happened not by his own desire, but because of the fact that the cardinals, not having understood the Declaratio, convened another conclave behind his back, even though he had not abdicated. In this way they dethroned him and sent him into a “totally impeded see” (see canon 412). This is the only canonical situation, in fact, in which the pope may lose his ministerium while retaining his munus. In an impeded see, the pope remains pope and, if a new “pope” is elected, this man is an antipope. And so, his resignation of the exercise of power became “effective,” that is, factual, on 28 February 2013. But in reality there is a detail of historical significance that has been drawn to our attention only now thanks to the contribution of professor of history and religion Luca Brunoni… At the next messed-up “conclave,” with 81 false Bergoglian cardinals, these intellectuals and prelates will thus give us another antipope.  But it doesn’t matter: “The Emperor has no clothes.” By now, the anti-Catholic antipope Francis has been unmasked, and as Saint Augustine said… (READ MORE)

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