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Prepare To Be Tracked By Digital IDs That Will Be Mandatory Soon For Buying & Selling Just As Prophesied In The Book Of Revelation

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Soon, a Real ID may be mandatory for boarding a commercial flight. The Real ID may also be a requirement for accessing secure buildings, though the specific locations have not been specified yet. It could range from Capitol buildings to public schools, and even public gathering places. The overarching fear was that the program, despite its initially good intentions, could become a tool for surveillance and tracking, holding sensitive personal information and records for each individual in a national digital identity database. Some comments warned that the REAL ID could become a mandatory requirement for all aspects of American life, with potential consequences beyond its original purpose, including control over gun ownership and marijuana use. The ID could be necessary for everyday tasks such as air travel, banking, and accessing government benefits like Social Security and Medicaid… (READ MORE)

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