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Challenges Lie Ahead For Trump Evangelicals

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While it’s clear Donald Trump is all-in for 2024, his MAGA hold on evangelicals may have lost some strength. A lot has happened since last time around: January 6th; the fallout with Mike Pence; the Mar-a-Lago classified documents; the continued focus on the past election and just overall drama. So does he have work to do this time around with evangelicals? “He has real work to do, let’s not kid ourselves,” says his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. “I’m sure that the team has a plan, but the work with the evangelicals and others that he may have taken for granted in 2020 is very real.” As it stands, some of the prominent faithful who fervently backed Trump last time are still in the pews, not yet willing to commit. There’s been no official support from the likes of Franklin Graham, Jack Graham or Albert Mohler – all previous backers. As for Pastor Robert Jeffress, once a vocal Trump defender says he’ll wait until the primary season comes into focus. Dr. Mike Evans, who helped mobilize evangelicals for Trump says the former president does not personify biblical values and has been quoted as saying he, “does not have the support of the evangelicals that he did.” Christian TV Host James Robison has also been critical this time around saying… (READ MORE)

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