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Transhumanism And The Mark Of The Beast

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Many proponents of transhumanism advocate for the modification of human DNA to achieve their goals of enhancing humans and ultimately creating posthumans. Some have also proposed implanting chips that are linked to one’s digital identity, which could further integrate technology into the human body. The WEF recently stated that “technology will become more intertwined with the body in the form of implants.” These proposals are very interesting in light of the Mark of the Beast prophecy. As many are aware, implants have the potential to fulfill the mark in the hand or forehead, as described in Revelation 13:16-17. However, there is another intriguing characteristic of this mark that could also relate to transhumanism. According to Revelation 14:10-11, accepting the mark of the beast is a fateful decision with eternal consequences, rendering the recipient unredeemable. Bible scholars have long wondered how the acceptance of the mark could result in eternal damnation, and whether a mere chip implant is enough to fulfill this characteristic. Could it be possible that transhumanism will modify humans genetically to such an extent in the near future that they are no longer created in God’s image, making them beyond salvation […] This initiative is especially interesting in light of Revelation 13:15, where the False Prophet is said to bring an “image of the beast” to life. The animation of this image, which is likely to be a form of AI robot, is probably the climax of the False Prophet’s series of lying wonders. It is so convincing that people believe the image is truly alive or has consciousness, leading to even greater worship of it (Rev. 13:13-15). Could it be that the False Prophet will deceive humanity by claiming to have transferred the Antichrist’s consciousness into the image… (READ MORE)

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