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Where Did God Come From?

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One of the most common questions an atheist may try to pose to a Christian is, “where did God come from?” In other words, who created God? Or when did God begin? The question itself is actually misleading because of God’s eternal nature. God didn’t spontaneously appear; he’s always been there. When a Christian tends to establish God’s eternal nature, the atheist may follow-up with a different question, “but doesn’t everything have to be created to exist? So how can God exist if he wasn’t created?” Again, that question can run into a number of problems. First, if something supposedly created God, then who created that being who created God? The series of beings creating the next being would go on ad infinitem. Which, of course, would be impossible. No, just as stated in Aristotelian philosophy, we need an unmoved mover to logically stop this ad infinitem series of one creator continually being created. We need God. This article will endeavor to discuss the origins of the word God, answer the question of who created God or where he came from, cover God’s omnipotence and omniscience, and how we can know God is really there… (READ MORE)

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