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WHY WE NEED REVIVAL AND AWAKENING: Dramatic Global Rise In Unhappiness Found Correlated With The Continued Drop In Church Attendance

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Unhappiness has been on the rise around the globe across the past 10 years, Gallup reports. This rise in unhappiness runs deeper than the worldwide dread felt during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been brewing for quite some time, and Gallup proposes a few reasons why. Although rising income inequality and poverty’s impact on overall levels of well-being play a role in rates of unhappiness, Gallup believes this is not the primary reason people are unhappy. The 20% of people who reported having the highest levels of happiness cited five reasons why: “They are fulfilled by their work, have little financial stress, live in great communities, have good physical health and have loved ones they can turn to for help,” Gallup says in the release of its findings. In contrast, the 20% of people who reported having the highest levels of unhappiness “have very little of any of those things,” Gallup explains. “They don’t have a quality job, their income is not enough to get by, they live in broken communities, they are hungry or malnourished, and they don’t have anyone in their life they can count on for help.” Gallup has concluded the global rise in unhappiness is caused by a mixture of things… (READ MORE)

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