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AS “WE ARE LEGION, FOR WE ARE MANY” NEARS… You Need To Understand How Daniel’s Prophecy Of 70 Weeks Connects To The End Times

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The 70 weeks in Daniel are one of the most important prophecies to study in the Old Testament. One reason is because it ties together so many other prophetic words we find in Scripture and helps us to see how God brings about what he declares in his word. With the study of any prophecy, it should always motivate you to do two things: one is to tell more people about Jesus, and two is to make sure you are living right before God. I know some people like to debate over prophetic interpretations, but that is not the reason God gave us these prophecies. The 70 weeks in Daniel are a reminder of the care God takes over his word. Right now, we sit somewhere between the end of the 69th week and the beginning of the 70th week. While no one knows when that 70th week will begin, as you watch the events happening on the earth, we know that the day is drawing closer (SW NOTE: In Tom Horn’s upcoming “WE ARE LEGION, FOR WE ARE MANY” he argues effectively that the 70th week begins in the mystical Hebrew year 5785 (2024-2025)… (READ MORE)

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