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INTELLIGENT AI Entities Will Be Worshipped… And If Not, These Vengeful Synthetic Gods Might Turn Against Humans, Experts Warn

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The thought of robot Gods and ChatGPT sermons terrifies some people – and rightly so, according to experts. Wesley Wildman, Professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics, explained that AI will have the ability to change everything we know about relationships with spiritual advisers and religious figureheads. He said: “It will be like having your own personal guru you can take with you anywhere. You can confide in it, get advice from it, and learn to trust it to help you figure out complicated moral and spiritual situations”… Wildman warns that just as human religious leaders can manipulate vulnerable people, AI chatbots can be trained by their creators to do the same. He believes that as younger generations grow up with these AI chatbots as friends – some even including holographic and VR representations – they will adapt to confiding in them and seeking advice and guidance from them. Wildman says that this same process will undoubtedly happen in religious communities across the globe. He added: “With AI bots designed to be trustworthy spiritual companions, the main ethical concern is how the AI bots are trained and whether they can be manipulated by mischief makers and evil doers to cause spiritual havoc”… (READ MORE)

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