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Artificial Intelligence: Is It Pushing An Anti-God Agenda?

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The artificial intelligence known as ChatGPT (developed by OpenAI) has been dominating much of the news cycle recently as users test its abilities and what answers it will give to various questions, prompts, and requests. Now, many people might assume AI is neutral, just giving users “the facts.” But those who build AI systems have a worldview—and that worldview dominates the answers AI bots give. In other words, humans program them, and how they react/answer will depend upon how they are programmed. As always, there is no neutrality! AiG’s Bryan Osborne recently sat down to explain what ChatGPT is and some of the major problems with this new technology, namely the anti-God worldview that it is disseminating to those who use it. I encourage you to watch this… (READ MORE)

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