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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… WEAK JOE BIDEN IS PRESIDENT… And The Kings Of The East Are Preparing To Invade The U.S.

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Gordon Chang said Sunday that the Chinese spy balloon that flew over several key U.S. military and nuclear sites before being shot down in the Atlantic Ocean shows the Chinese Communist Party officials “certainly are” preparing for an invasion. “We know that, for instance, Xi Jinping talks about war all the time,” Chang said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “At the Communist Party’s 20th National Congress in October, he appointed what is called its war cabinet, but we also know it’s more than just words. He is engaged in the fastest military build-up since the Second World War.” Xi is also trying to “sanction-proof” his regime and he is mobilizing China’s civilians for war, Chang added, noting that “as we just learned, he’s sending spy balloons around the world, including one over the United States.” Chang’s comments come after his column for The New York Post, in which he wrote that the massive Chinese spy balloon incursion into the United States looks like a “precursor to an attack,” and that its path over the United States’ most sensitive military sites “suggests China is gathering intelligence for either a first or second strike on America’s nukes… (READ MORE)

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