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Closedmindedness, Superstition, And Paganism: The Unraveling Of The American Mind

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In 1987, Allan Bloom, then a professor at the University of Chicago, published The Closing of the American Mind. The book was hailed by conservatives and liberals alike. The New York Times wrote that it “hits with the approximate force and effect of electroshock therapy.” The Washington Post called it, “Rich and absorbing… A grand tour of the American mind.” Bloom showed how the relativism taught at universities leads to closed minds. He lamented “parents’ loss of control over the children’s moral education at a time when no one else is seriously concerned with it.” The book was influential, but I wish its influence had been even greater. The Closing of the American Mind was like a sandcastle trying to hold back a rising tide. Over time, the entertainment, political, media, and religious establishments joined the educational establishment in pushing the deadly ideas Bloom warned against. Today in America, the establishment has imprisoned the nation’s young within walls of closedmindedness, superstition, and paganism. The results have been devastating… (READ MORE)

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