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UNPRECEDENTED: Iran’s Crown Prince Meets Netanyahu, Quotes The Bible, Extols Cyrus The Great & Future ‘Cyrus Accords’

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Did you ever imagine a major Iranian political leader coming to visit Israel, not to threaten the Jewish people with genocide, but to offer his hand of peace, cooperation and mutual respect? It may sound like fiction but it’s actually happening this week. In an historic development, Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi – the son of Iran’s late king, or shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi – arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport yesterday, accompanied by his wife, Yasmine. “Yasmine and I just arrived here in Israel,” Pahlavi immediately Tweeted to his 1.2 million followers. “We are very happy to be here and are dedicated to working toward the peaceful and prosperous future that the people of our region deserve. From the children of Cyrus, to the children of Israel, we will build this future together, in friendship.” (READ MORE)

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