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Gab Network CEO Says AIs Like ChatGPT Are Satanic And Christians Must Enter The Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

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At Gab, we have been experimenting with different AI systems that have popped up over the past year. Every single one is skewed with a liberal/globalist/talmudic/satanic worldview. What if Gab AI Inc builds a Gab .ai (see what I did there?) that is based, has no “hate speech” filters and doesn’t obfuscate and distort historical and Biblical Truth? If the enemy is going to use this technology for evil, shouldn’t we be on the ground floor building one for good? If we don’t build and gain ground now, our enemies will dominate this powerful tool and use it for evil. We need to develop our own AI right now and gain a foothold in this space before the demons in Silicon Valley make it the next Wikipedia, Google, and Facebook, which is totally and entirely in their control to use as a weapon against the minds of the people. We need to build AI for the glory of God. One that can communicate the Truth of the Gospel to millions of people, not some relativistic secular watered-down nonsense about the Gospel, but the Gospel in all its glory as the ultimate Truth… (READ MORE)

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