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Christians Targeted With ‘Holy Spirit Ouija Board’

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Christianity has been the subject of mockery and derision since Jesus walked the earth and shared with the world that He was the hope for salvation. In today’s world, that mockery has taken the form of occult practices thinly veiled in Christian cover to deceive and cause division in its wake. A group that created the YouTube page “Holy Spirit Games” also created a “Christian” Ouija board claiming that people will be able to communicate with Christ directly. The group’s portrayal is that of a comedy troupe. The three sketches they have posted to the YouTube page are beyond parody and saturated with their disdain for Christianity. Creating a “Christian” Ouija board opens the spiritual doors to demonic oppression however, a consequence the group is either ignorant of, do not care about, or was the intended result in the first place… (READ MORE)

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