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Israeli construction workers were fixing a large water pipe near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount when they noticed mysterious ancient steps. They called on some archaeologists for help, namely Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron. The two proceeded to excavate the site and found one of the most significant archaeological affirmations of the Bible. The steps led down to a 225 feet long pool, the Pool of Siloam. What they discovered matched the exact location of the Bible’s description of the pool. It was next to Hezekiah’s tunnel and near the Temple of the Mount. According to The Bible, King Hezekiah first constructed the pool during his reign. It carried the fresh water from the Gihon Spring, delivering it to the rest of the city. In the New Testament, the pool served as a mikveh or ritual bathing for the Jews. But during Jesus’ time, it did a greater purpose. It was where Jesus performed one of his miracles. In John 9:1-7, He restored a blind man’s sight by using mud and the waters of the pool. The pool’s discovery has silenced many skeptics and historians who claimed the pool was non-existent… (READ MORE)

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