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IT’S THE SECOND COMING OF THE NEW AGE… And There’s Nothing New About Worshiping Abortion, Linking Feminism To Satan

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A new “church” in California just opened: The Church of Potential Life. It was established in response to the Supreme Court Dobb’s decision, MSN Insider reports. It isn’t a church to pray for the unborn, as the title could suggest, but to worship abortion and female autonomy. The founder, Jackie DesForges, said her “anger and sense of grief over the loss of abortion rights” led her to “create the provocative symbol of hope.” DesForges, an apostate Catholic, drew from her upbringing by calling the worship “a mass.” Her church uses an altar and iconography, including an appropriated image of the Virgin Mary. “The project,” she explains, “was also an act of reclaiming a sacred space after she left the church and recognized different religious perspectives on abortion.” The surprising thing shouldn’t be that this “church” exists, but that it hasn’t happened before… (READ MORE)

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