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Former Disney Actress Promotes ‘Satanic Witchcraft” In New Film About Her Occult Spiritual Journey

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Former Disney actress Vanessa Hudgens recently released a new film that follows her occult spiritual journey. Hudgens is best known for her role as Gabriella Montez in the Disney movie “High School Musical” and as Candy in “Spring Breakers.” The actress’ latest project, “Dead Hot,” is an unscripted Tubi film about Hudgens and her best friend, musician GG Magree, exploring witchcraft and ghost hunting. In the film, Hudgens and Magree travel to Salem, Massachusetts, the setting of the 1692 Salem witch trials, to connect with the spirit world. The duo, who consider themselves to be self-taught students of witchcraft, regard experimenting and connecting with the spirit world to be their… (READ MORE)

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