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IBM, The Holocaust, And Digital ID: The Shocking Connection

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On Jan. 30, 1933, the world would change forever as Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany. On that infamous day, he forged ahead with a plan to identify and annihilate European Jewry. Hitler’s plan, however, could not have gone forward without help. The same holds true today. All master plans have cogs and gears that enable them to run like well-oiled machines. In order for Hitler’s plan to work, he had to trace, track, and identify Jews. The machine that helped him do it was the IBM punch-card sorting system. This technological tabulator, a precursor to the computer, could count, process, retrieve, and analyze the data of human populations, in record time. Many decades have passed since the Nazi Holocaust, but today’s tech companies — IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, to name a few — still possess the gears of transformation when it comes to data and identity. What they do with this information, however, can truly change history for better or worse… (READ MORE)

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