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GREAT DELUSION IS COMING… And Mystery Emerges As ‘UFOs Descending From Mothership’ Filmed On Other Side Of The Moon In Wild Video Recorded In Broad Daylight

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UNIDENTIFIED flying objects have been spotted floating near the moon in footage posted to TikTok, a user has claimed. At least two white aircrafts, one of which was notably smaller than the other, can apparently be seen in the video. Although one object remains static, another appears to disappear behind the celestial body. “What is this object near the moon?” TikTok user LaryLoo (@laryloo) asked in the description of the clip, which has nearly five million likes. The objects come into view as the cameraman zooms in on a shot of the celestial body taken in broad daylight. Although one aircraft appears to remain static in the roughly 30-second video, a smaller object can be seen disappearing behind the Moon. Below the video, some commenters speculated about what the objects might be. “The moon is a space station used by (extraterrestrials) to spy on earth,” one TikToker postulated…’ (READ MORE)

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