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Scientific Evidence Sheds New Light On Ancient Mystery About The Shroud Of Turin

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Since it first popped up on history’s radar hundreds of years ago, the Shroud of Turin has captivated scientists, the public, and people of God worldwide. The linen is viewed by some as the burial Shroud of Jesus Christ and others as a medieval forgery.  Some say the cloth housed in the Turin Cathedral is a vessel for human blood, and therefore may be nothing less than the Holy Grail, an object of some captivation that is said to have gone missing in 1204. British filmmaker David Rolfe said of the Holy Grail theory, “You realize that the cloth is a vessel that’s containing Christ’s blood. I mean, there it is, and it is blood, and not only is it blood, it is type AB, which is the type that’s consistent with Palestinian Jews.” Now, in “Who Can He Be,” Rolfe’s team uses the latest technology to digitally extract data encoded in the fabric, revealing a three-dimensional model of a man. “We can see what I believe to be the body of the crucified Jesus in front of us,” he said. Rolfe contends that, “the only way that the image could’ve got on to that cloth is a miraculous one. A miracle that emanated from the body with unbelievable amounts of energy but within an infinitesimally short space of time… (READ MORE)

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