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Hasidic Rabbis Rule: ChatGPT Is ‘Abomination, Heresy, And Heathenry Without Limits’

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More than a dozen rabbis of the ultra-Orthodox Skver Hasidic sect released a letter on Thursday banning the use of Open Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools including ChatGPT and other similar AI apps. “We must warn about the obstacle and the terrible danger of the new service ‘OpenAI’ and the like,” the letter stated, emphasizing that these forms of artificial intelligence can be used via “computers, telephones with SMS and even simple phones.” The letter warned that although not everyone has yet recognized the danger, the technology poses “a trap for all of us, young and old. We are declaring that this is like internet without a filter, and is open to all abominations, heresy, and heathenry without limits, and brings to all the prohibitions which are considered, ‘You shall not stray after your heart and after your eyes,’ (Numbers 15:39) and it is obvious that it is considered a severe offense… (READ MORE)

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