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Vatican May Release Holy Jewish Artifacts From Its Storage Galleries

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Investigative archaeologist Rabbi Harry Moskoff has been searching for the Ark of the Covenant for decades and though he has yet to discover the holiest Temple artifact, he was recently contacted by the Vatican. In a stunning example of religious largesse, Vatican officials have expressed a willingness to reveal artifacts from the Holy Land that have been in their possession for hundreds of years. To facilitate this, Moskoff established the Vatican Museum Exchange Program. The remarkable story began almost two years ago when a lawyer representing the Israeli government contacted Moskoff. “A high profile lawyer, who happened to be religious, was researching a case at the National Library of France,” Moskoff related. “He came across a document recording gifts that were given to Pope Innocent III by Baldwin I, the Emperor of the Latin Empire of Constantinople in the year 1204.” The document listed the gifts which were, in fact, artifacts taken from the Holy Land. “The lawyer contacted me on behalf of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs because he… (READ MORE)

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