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Biden Regime Leading All Nations Into Global Beast System, Will Require Compliance With Digital Health Tyranny Enforced By U.N. World Organization

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As Joe Hoft writes for The Gateway Pundit, the amended agreement would prevent Americans from doing anything that the United Nations world government apparatus didn’t want to be done “and would in essence take away all rights of Americans in an emergency like COVID.” Thanks at least in part to the efforts of conservative news outlets like this one, the Biden regime’s push for a new level of global governance was defeated last year at the World Health Assembly in Geneva when a bloc of mostly African nations balked and walked. But now the Biden regime is back at it, as Hoft reminds us, “pushing for this insane action to destroy Americans’ rights once and for all.” The Biden regime publicly affirmed their commitment to a “legally-binding” Pandemic Accord in a press release in February which will give the World Health Organization (WHO) control over U.S. pandemic policies, though work remains in certain areas… (READ MORE)

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