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Arnold Schwarzenegger And Danny DeVito Give Profanity-Laden Blasphemous Advice On The Afterlife

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Talking to Interview magazine, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito gave their profanity-laden blasphemous advice on the afterlife this week. “It reminds me of Howard Stern’s question to me,” Schwarzenegger recalled. “‘Tell me, governor, what happens to us when we die?’ I said, ‘Nothing. You’re six feet under. Anyone that tells you something else is a [blank] liar.’ ‘I said, ‘We don’t know what happens with the soul and all this spiritual stuff that I’m not an expert in, but I know that the body as we see each other now, we will never see each other again like that.'” Well, perhaps Arnie does know, or he no longer believes what he was taught in his Catholic upbringing. But for the reported 2.6 billion Christians in the world, a large majority take comfort in the fact that they do know what is going to happen when they die… (READ MORE)

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