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Miracles And Physics: Violating Laws Of Nature?

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During a recent debate between Dr. Justin Bass and Dr. Bart Ehrman on the topic of Christ’s resurrection, Bass immediately got down to the task at hand by asking Ehrman the simple question, “Why don’t you think Jesus was raised from the dead?” “Because it violates the laws of nature,” replied Ehrman. Ehrman then proceeded to provide more color to his comment by asking: “Do you think God can break the laws of mathematics? Can He break the laws of physics? Why don’t I believe in the resurrection? Because it violates the laws of physics.” He wrapped up his objection to the resurrection by saying such a thing happened one time and all we have to substantiate it are supposed, ancient eyewitness accounts: “Historians don’t argue that something that happened only once in all of history is [a miracle] because someone said it happened.” Is Ehrman right? Is it correct to say that miracles and physics don’t mix? And that singular events in history beg to be denied?  Ehrman’s arguments are nothing new and have been articulated by plenty of others before him. For example, in the 1600s, the philosopher Baruch/Benedict Spinoza contended that natural laws are immutable, and because miracles violate them, miracles are impossible… (READ MORE)

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