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Beneath The Banner Of The Woke: What The Pulpit Prioritizes, The People Will Pursue

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As a Christian who still loves to sing the old hymns, one of my favorites is “The Banner of the Cross”. It is one of those soul-stirring songs that reminds us that our time on this earth is not characterized by peace, it is characterized by war – a spiritual war. The author, Daniel Whittle, served in the American Civil War, obtaining the rank of Major. Even after leaving the army, he was known as Major Whittle for the remainder of his life. Although he worked for a watch company after the fighting, in 1873 he became a revival evangelist in the D L Moody association. Although there is no written record of the inspiration behind the hymn, no doubt Whittle’s time fighting in the Civil War led him to introduce parallel themes into his hymn writing… (READ MORE)

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