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666 UPDATE: AI Is Preparing The World To Embrace What The Book Of Revelation Foretold

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The next revolution in Beast-technology and is smartphones powered by AI. A recent groundbreaking TedTalk unveiled what they call the Humane, a revolutionary wearable device powered by artificial intelligence. Created by former Apple employees, this innovative piece of technology is generating significant buzz as a potential game-changer that could render smartphones, such as the iPhone, obsolete. According to the report, this was created with the vision of a future that is more intelligent and personalized, as stated on the company’s website. The vision entails that Humane aims to replace cellphone screens by introducing a voice-activated assistant that projects various features, including calls and texts, onto the user’s hands. Did you catch that part? All of the actions we typically take on our handheld smartphones will be replaced by our very hand itself! According to the report, it’s believed it will display notifications, messages, directions, and more in front of the wearer’s eyes. It’s not known how or where Luckey got to try the device, although he is a big name in the VR industry. Apple’s new headset – which is expected to be called ‘Reality Pro’ and released later this year. The headset ‘will start at around $3,000’, which is around twice as much as some of the priciest smartphones on the market now. Although, most consumers will simply not be able to afford such a device, can we just take a step back here for a moment and see how all of this technology is conditioning our society to embrace and widely accept something in and on our hands and foreheads to carry out functions in our every day lives such as financial transactions, security, convenience, and entertainment? The Bible has warned us that the day is coming for a future buying, selling, and trading system that will require this and we have to take steps to get there and it appears these steps are taking leaps and bounds before our very eyes… (READ MORE)

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