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Satan’s Plan To Use Computers To Destroy Humanity

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“I’m sorry Dave, but in accordance with sub-routine C1 532/4, quote: ‘When the crew are dead or incapacitated, the computer must assume control,’ unquote. I must, therefore, override your authority now, since you are not in any condition to intelligently exercise it.”— Hal 9000 (a computer). Many of us remember the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of the first movies to depict artificial intelligence (AI). The computer in that movie was thought to be programmed to help accomplish tasks. Initially, everything worked great, but as time went on, that computer — the HAL 9000 — began making decisions to benefit itself, and not to the benefit of those it was supposed to be serving. Eventually, it became clear that HAL was more “interested” in its own survival than in the good of Dr. David (Dave) Bowman. The plot details Dave’s fight for survival while trying to outsmart HAL. Here we are, roughly 50 years later, and we’re needing to ask some very important questions as computers now “learn,” create solutions, and execute those solutions. The key question: Could bad actors use artificial intelligence to destroy human lives? The ultimate question: Could Satan use AI to destroy humanity entirely? (READ MORE)

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