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God, Truth, Sin, And Church: Shocking Study Reveals How Americans’ Shifting Views Are Sparking Biblical Worldview Crisis

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The percentage of adults with a biblical worldview has plummeted to just 4%. Dr. George Barna, director of the Cultural Research Center, finds the results of the American Worldview Inventory report alarming. “It’s … much more extensive than we actually expected. Typically, you don’t find that religious beliefs change very much,” Barna told CBN News. “They’re probably the most stable of the factors in a person’s life because they relate to worldview that’s formed when you’re young, and it doesn’t change much as you age.” But he said crisis moments like the pandemic can spark surprising shifts in perspective. “We found a number of things that changed in terms of their views of truth, their views about God, their own assessment of their spiritual commitment, some of their moral perspectives — even their ideas and their behaviors related to religious activity, personal religious activity going to church, reading the Bible, acknowledging their sins, and asking for forgiveness,” Barna said. “Those kinds of things all shifted pretty dramatically.” And these changes aren’t limited to the secular world. The report found… (READ MORE)

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