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New ‘AI-Generated Ouija Board’ Aims To Converse With The Dead

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People around the world are starting to flock to “grief tech” for answers, much like Saul flocked to the medium of Endor when he wanted answers from the deceased prophet Samuel. But what is grief tech, and is it abominable as the Lord finds the practice of necromancy and sorcery? Grief tech is a growing practice of AI algorithms gathering data from people, such as their voice, photos, video, text messages, emails and any other bit of information a person can input into the program, so that when they die the AI will interact with their loved ones as if it were them. There are already programs that can create digital avatars of the person, including holograms. This will allow a widow to have a conversation with her dead “husband” but in actuality is performed by the AI. Séance AI, who chose that particular name on purpose, are trying to replicate an actual spiritual séance, like Saul did with the medium… (READ MORE)

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