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On-Site At WHO: Blatant Demonic Globalist Plans

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As you read this the World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting in Geneva–and without even a U.S. official present, they are taking steps to usurp America’s sovereignty through the guise of managing world health emergencies. Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann is on site at the meeting of the WHO in Switzerland, and is providing eyewitness accounts. No U.S. media is in sight. No Congressional members are there. As Bachmann reports, the WHO is preparing a package of 300 amendments to global health rules and a global treaty and not a single US representative is there to monitor or interject. The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of the WHO and has been working to “centralize authority, not just for pandemics, but for any health emergency, in the hands of the Director-General” of the WHO, Bachmann shares. This move has been laid out and positioned as a global health crisis management program. It. is. so. much. more… (READ MORE)

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