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Ex-Psychics Warn Parents About ‘Dangerous’ Starseeds Occult Belief

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Jenn Nizza, a former psychic medium who became a Christian, is warning parents about an occult belief called “starseeds” that is luring some children into demonic practices. On the May 12 episode of her podcast, “Ex-Psychic Saved: Exposing Divination, New Age, and the Occult,” Nizza hosted another reformed psychic medium-turned-Christian, popular TikTok user @MustuardSeedHannah, for a discussion about starseeds. Nizza defined a starseed as a person who believes there are “advanced spiritual beings from other planets and realms.” She noted that those who believe the starseeds ideology typically think they “came from stardust and have been infused with a divine light.” Nizza explained that the hashtag for starseeds on TikTok has over 953.9 million views, a factor that loomed large in her decision to warn listeners to be aware of and avoid anything that is affiliated with the practice…. (READ MORE)

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