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Satan’s Great Counterfeit

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Last month Boston was the site of a large “satanic” gathering. And after-school Satan clubs are now popping up at some government schools as a form of challenge to traditional Christian clubs. A few months ago, the New York Post reported that some 30 schoolgirls in Colombia were hospitalized for fainting, anxiety, and symptoms of hysteria after playing with ouija boards. Most recently, a church leader shared a warning on Facebook about a ouija board game called “The Holy Spirit Board,” whose players are alleged to be able to communicate directly with Jesus. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was angry, and I felt burdened with a greater resolve to intercede for our young people. We are at war right now. There is a war in the spiritual realm being waged against families, and especially against young people. We can see the fruit of that war in the natural… (READ MORE)

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