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The Land Before Time—PART 14: Remnants Before America

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Thus far, near North American history has been discussed with regard to mounds. There has also been a discussion about Indian legends that speak of ancient portals being used by gods to traverse between two worlds. However, is there any physical evidence that ancient, pre-Adamic activity occurred on this continent?

Coming up with an answer to this is difficult. If one is not convinced that advanced intelligence was needed to construct the huge mounds all over the United States, one might expect that no evidence existed.

If you were of that mindset, you would be wrong. A few examples of such technology are:

  1. Waffle Rock: A small town in West Virginia in 1930 was slated for permanent evacuation and relocation because the government decided to put in a dam. In the course of the excavations, a huge boulder with a strange, waffle-like pattern on it was discovered. The geometrical pattern is cut into the rock. Although much debate has ensued since this discovery, most geologists conclude that the boulder is an absolute aberration, and that nothing in nature is known to exist that is even remotely like it. It is a mystery, but perhaps not so much when you consider that there was a pre-Adamic race that was highly intelligent and had advanced technology.
  2. Heavener Runestone: An off-the-beaten-path discovery of an ancient rock with what appears to be the same kind of block Hebrew lettering that was discussed in an earlier chapter was long hidden from view through the 1800s and 1900s. The massive rock was found in the early twentieth century in an Oklahoma boulder-strewn field surrounded by rattlesnakes. Despite the assertion that these letters were “rune” writings dating back to A.D. 300–1300, other people have interpreted them to be Paleo Hebrew. Interestingly, the rock is supposed to sit atop a vast cave network with strange artifacts, including, according to some locals, the remains of the bodies of giants. The entrance to this cave was dynamited shut a few years ago to keep people out. Certainly, the area appears to be pre-Adamic.
  3. Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone: Found by workers digging a hole for a fencepost in 1872 in New Hampshire, this OOPArt has strange symbols that tie it to what appears as Indian drawings, but is clearly carved, shaped and drilled with technology that was not available to early Native Americans. The linkage of this technology to the depictions of a teepee and other Indian items, combined with astronomical symbols appear to place this item’s manufacture during another time and place.
  4. Egyptian” Artifacts at the Grand Canyon: As previously mentioned, the April 5, 1909, edition of the Phoenix Gazette included a remarkable story about explorer G. E. Kinkaid who, while canoeing down the Grand Canyon, came across a cave system and followed it 1,480 feet below the surface to find a huge passageway with ancient articles that indicated technological advancement and appeared, in Mr. Kinkaid’s opinion, to be Egyptian in origin. Mr. Kinkaid had also been mentioned in the paper a few weeks earlier while he had been on another adventure, and despite efforts to discredit his story, he is believed to have been a real person relating a real discovery. The location of the place has since been lost, but the point is that there has never been an Egyptian artifact found anywhere else on the continent. There are two possible explanations for Mr. Kinkaid’s discover. First, as previously mentioned, it could have been the place of final escape for Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. Second, it could be that the precursor beings to the Egyptians, the ones who built the pyramids, visited North America and left the items in the cave behind. Understanding that is the Southwest, did they use one of the many stargates to get there?
  5. Nampa, Idaho, Figurine: In the process of boring an artesian well in 1889, workers found a small figurine made of baked clay when they hit a depth of 320 feet. Amazingly, they had to cut through fifteen feet of basalt lava and many other strata below that. The very top layer of lava has been dated to be at least fifteen million years old! Just where did this doll originate from, and who were the people that put it there? They were certainly pre-Adamic.
  6. Olancha, California, Coso Artifact: The Coso artifact is an object claimed by its discoverers to be a spark plug found encased in a lump of hard clay or rock on February 13, 1961, by Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey, and Mike Mikesell while they were prospecting. Encased in five hundred thousand-year-old “geode,” this is truly an anomaly, because spark plugs weren’t even invented until the nineteenth century.
  7. Cleveland National Forest, California, Footprint: James Snyder discovered a giant, fossilized footprint in 2002. Embedded in granite, the footprint is determined to be at least one billion years old.
  8. Dorchester, Massachusetts, Vessel: Scientific American ran an article in its June 7, 1851, issue that described a strange, metal, “bell shaped vessel” in something resembling a zinc material that was four and one-half inches high—six and one-half inches wide at the base and two and one-half inches wide on top. The item apparently was dynamited out of fifteen feet of solid sedimentary rock estimated to be millions of years old. How did that item get there unless it had been present long before the rock formed?
  9. West Virginia Bell: In 1944, a 10-year-old boy discovered a metal bell in a lump of bituminous coal that was at least three hundred million years old. Upon further examination and analysis, the bell was comprised of an unusual mix of metals that had been produced by a process different than any known means of production today.
  10. Lawn Ridge, Illinois, Coin: In August 1870, when a worker digging a well hit 115 feet, he unearthed a coin-like object. According to Illinois State Geological Survey records, the deposits containing the coin are between two hundred thousand and four hundred thousand years old. Understanding that the minting process for coins takes metallurgy sophistication, any civilization capable of producing a coin like this must have been very advanced, indeed.




It appears that there are archaeological remnants of a world that was washed away. With just the few items above, we see that there was a civilization on the North American continent before the Native Americans. This begs the questions: Who were these beings? How did they get here? Could it be that the locations addressed were simple waypoints where angelic beings traveled to our time and space using stargates throughout the earth’s history? Is it possible that the position of paleontologists about the Native Americans being the first people on the continent are not true simply because science refuses to look at ancient history through any other lens than that of their modern-day thinking?

To shed some light on these questions and more, one must go to the source of the Indian stories: the Indians themselves.

Firsthand Accounts

The Pueblo Indians are arguably one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Native American tribes in North America. Dwelling primarily in the Southwestern part of the United States, they can trace their history back to almost seven thousand years in the past and are descendants of three major cultures: the Mogollon, the Hohokam, and the ancient Puebloans (Anasazi). In this modern age, they make their homes in the Four Corners area of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Much of the Pueblo spiritual beliefs sound a lot like other tribes that have previously been mentioned. They have “powerful” gods—Father and earth Mother, and their two sons, the war gods, who are supposed to have magical powers. Interestingly, they have something called the Sky Serpent, which is reminiscent of the Mayan and Aztec feathered serpent god, Quetzalcoatl. Like the Hopi do, the Pueblo also have a Spider Woman goddess, and they worship the kachinas. To help with these practices, the Pueblo have ruler priests, which this author would refer to as “medicine men” rather than “shamans.”

These beliefs are largely known to the public and are written and spoken about freely. What is not known are the things we found out as we went on location with Tom Horn and his SkyWatch TV crew in research for this book and the LEGENDS documentary episode. At that time, we were blessed to interview some very important Pueblo leaders who gave us a glimpse of some of their beliefs to which the general public is not privy. Because it is so germane to our discussion, the details of this conversation are provided for you in the context of this work.

As previously discussed, the belief in and use of stargates within the Native American culture is normal. It is no different with the Pueblo. In fact, resting high on one of their bluffs is such a place—a stargate, or portal.

But first, let’s clarify something alluded to earlier about the Sioux’s struggles in North Dakota. In that situation, the government wants to remove an ancient burial site on Sioux land so that an oil pipeline can be built. Could it be that their ancestors’ remains do not simply rest in those graves?

Like the Sioux, the Pueblo have burial grounds where they frequently go to pray and worship. However, this place is also where their gods are buried. But, these “gods” as disclosed firsthand to our research group, are, in fact, giants of old.

You read that right: The Pueblo worship the physical remains of the Rephaim, the offspring of Nephilim and human women.

It gets better.

These are just the dead giants that they worship. According to our interview sources, the Pueblo also interact with live giants who come through their active stargate. In fact, we were told about something called a monthly “society meeting” that is overseen by the medicine man at the location of their stargate. This author was told that teleportation happens regularly and frequently at these meetings.

When asked if they would take us to see these giants, their gods, our sources declined, because they said the land was sacred and we were outsiders. But they did take us to a specific location in Mesa Verde, where they pointed to a certain mountain range as “near” the location of the giant remains, and then they said cryptically: “The time of their return is at hand.” Keep in mind that these representatives of the Hopi and Zunni tribes were no Johnny-come-latelies. They are leaders of the tribal nations who work with the U.S. government. They also made it clear that at this location, giant worship happens, and there is stargate utilization where other dimensional beings interact with the Pueblo. This is happing right now in the twenty-first century, and our sources insisted it’s not science fiction, hyperbole, or allegory. They claim it is very real.

As such, one cannot help but wonder if this activity is prevalent throughout other Native American cultures and the Pueblo are simply the first ones to speak about it openly. If this is so, is the opening of these portals occurring more frequently in these days? Does the U.S. government understand what is happening on native lands, and is that why they are trying so desperately to gain a foothold, even to the point of forcing Indians off their lands under the guise of constructing a pipeline?

If these portals are so active, what about other portals or stargates around the world? Is this the idea behind CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland? Did those involved in CERN get the idea from the natives in the first place?

With every answer comes another question, and it appears that this idea of ancient technology and stargates is no longer relegated to mere entertainment. We are entering a whole new time frame.




Stories Persist

It is not just the stories from the Pueblos that have come to light. Other experiences have been discussed down through the years, and one has to wonder if the cumulative background, all sounding consistently the same, is based upon truth.

In the Southeastern Arizona desert, not far from the Mexican border, there are tales of strange lights in the sky and falling stones from the heavens. The backdrop to this activity is a stone archway that many say can alter time and may be a portal hidden in the Arizona Mountains.[i] Given the previous descriptions of Native American sacred sites, many of which are in the desert, could the basis for such a story be true?

An old Indian named John told a story from the 1800s about three Indians who were hunting. On the way back to their village, they discovered a stone archway. They started goofing around, running and chasing each other, when one of them jumped through the structure and disappeared.

Over the years, many people have avoided going through the archway themselves for fear of being carried off to a different time or place, but that hasn’t kept some from experimenting. One old woman tossed a live rabbit through the opening, and the animal disappeared. This archway is called the “Doorway to the Gods,” and it all has a very interesting ring to it.

John said that the only strange thing he’d ever seen at the archway happened one day in 1948, when he was walking by it as a big storm started to roll in. When he looked through the opening, he saw that the sky on the other side of the gateway was clear blue. John rode off in fear.

Other stories persist at that location—for example, stories of strange horses showing up out of nowhere, a ghostly Padre, and even Spanish soldiers.

As it turns out, the windswept rock area where the archway is located is covered with geodes, which are crystal-centered rocks. While this author is not promoting crystalology, it is interesting that these types of elements can be used as conductors, and could very well have been the microchips of ancient times.

The location of that site remains a secret to this day, and is known only to the locals for fear of tourists damaging the site, but the point is that the accounts describing unusual incidents at this mysterious archway are only a few of many of these types of stories being told by people who don’t know each other. Their experiences have a thread of commonality between them.

Could it be that the strange experiences outlined above have a direct connection to Indian legends about portals and their sacred places? Surly there are undiscovered portals on the earth that the Indians are not aware of or do not have an interest in. What we find are more questions, but they all seem to be physical evidence of interdimensional reality. However, is there physical evidence held by the people themselves that would indicate a connection to their gods that come through these portals? You shall see.

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[i] “Doorway to the Gods: Mysterious Interdimensional Portal That Can Alter Time Is Hidden in the Arizona Mountains: Treasure Hunters Say,”, (July 25, 2015).

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