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The Land Before Time—PART 15: An Angelic Missing Link

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To pick up a thread from earlier in this series and unravel a mystery, a discussion on DNA is required. If you will recall, the “land bridge” was briefly mentioned in the context of the migration of humans to North America.

The theory is simply that people who migrated from Siberia to Alaska crossed a land bridge that spanned the current-day Bering Strait. This bridge is speculated to have remained in place for thousands of years, and is, according to geneticists and anthropologists, responsible for Native Americans finding their way to the Americas. However, there is a huge problem with this idea, as an article on The Conversation website points out:

But genetic evidence shows there is no direct ancestral link between the people of ancient East Asia and modern Native Americans. A comparison of DNA from 600 modern Native Americans with ancient DNA recovered from a late Stone Age human skeleton from Mal’ta near Lake Baikal in southern Siberia shows that Native Americans diverged genetically from their Asian ancestors around 25,000 years ago, just as the last ice age was reaching its peak.

Based on archaeological evidence, humans did not survive the last ice age’s peak in northeastern Siberia, and yet there is no evidence they had reached Alaska or the rest of the New World either. While there is evidence to suggest northeast Siberia was inhabited during a warm period about 30,000 years ago before the last ice age peaked, after this the archaeological record goes silent, and only returns 15,000 years ago, after the last ice age ended.

So where did the ancestors of the Native Americans go for 15,000 years, after they split from the rest of their Asian relatives?[1]

Of course, this author doesn’t agree with the evolutionary theory behind the land bridge idea, but the point is that these scientists are stumped as to how the genome has split from Eurasia, which is thought to have been populated long before the Americas. In fact, so painful are these DNA results that scientists are scrambling to find “new” explanations as to how the DNA divergence occurred. This article is now proposing that the Siberians, turned natives, camped out on this land bridge for a long, long time in order for their DNA to diverge.

Further, in a reference earlier, we were told that scientists were confident that all people came from the same place. However, now we are being told that the DNA has diverged. How can both be true, unless new DNA was introduced into the gene pool?

As difficult as it is to accept, this author believes that there is a simpler, albeit unusual, explanation.




Before you say, “I don’t know nothin’ about no DNA,” we have to go through this important step for you to understand the “divergence” that the big brains are talking about, so please pay attention.

This divergence is referring to the Haplogroup X. It is mitochondrial DNA, simply meaning that it is passed down from the mother’s side. (This is important, so keep that fact in the back of your mind.) Haplogroup X is found primarily in the Americas, Europe, Western Asia, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa. It is not—repeat, NOT—found in Eastern Europe, in places like Siberia.

Remember the scientists’ contention that humans crossed the land bridge. So…why wasn’t this DNA found anywhere where they would have started? Like Siberia? But it gets better.

Now get this: The Haplogroup X is found in around 2 percent of the population of Europe, the Near East, and North Africa. “It is especially common among Egyptians inhabiting El-Hayez oasis (14.3%)”[2] (emphasis added). It is found in approximately 7 percent of native Europeans and in 3 percent of all Native Americans from North America.

Still later, the Haplogroup X diverged further into two subgroups: X1 and X2. X1 is significantly less frequent, and is restricted to North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and the Near East, but X2 has been dispersed throughout various areas. It has a strong presence in the Near East, the Caucasus, and Southern Europe, and it has a less-strong presence in the rest of Europe. Concentrations of X2 appear in Georgia (8 percent), Orkney, Scotland (7 percent), and amongst the Israeli Druze community (27 percent).

Broken down even further, X2 has subclades X2a and X2g, and are found in North America, but not South America.

So here’s the question that should be at the forefront of your mind after this little biology discussion: Where did X and its derivatives come from?

Let’s retrace the path:

  • X – 7 percent of Native Europeans, 3 percent of Native Americans
  • X – 2 percent of the population of Europe, the Near East, and North Africa
  • X1 – Restricted to North Africa
  • X2 – Near East, southern Europe, 8 percent Georgia (the country), 7 percent Scotland, 27 percent Druze Community (non-Israeli, more Jordanian)
  • X2a, X2g – North America, primarily in Native Americans

Remember that this is DNA that is passed down from the mother. What is it about the areas where this DNA is so present that should stand out?

Except for the natives in North America, these are areas in the Bible that had infestations of Rephaim—giants. Look at the percentages of Egypt alone: 14.3 percent! The Druze community outside of Israel: 27 percent!

In addition, when Native American DNA was recently tested and revealed to show Haplogroup T, which is also mitochondrial, a genetic connection with a common ancestor. This confirmed the suspicions of some scientists and threw others for a loop. Haplogroup T, until now, had not been attributed to Native Americans, but to modern-day Egyptians and Arabs.

Geneticist Dr. Donald Yates, however, indicated that Haplogroup T was widespread among the Cherokee and had been for a long time, simultaneously ruling out the possibility of interbreeding during the American Frontier Era as the source for the link.

He went on to say of the connection:

Moreover, had it occurred in the colonial period or more recently, the diversity, age, and unique characteristics of the T haplotypes would not have yielded the patterns noticed in this paper. Most T’s would have matched people in the Old World and we would simply be looking at an effect of migration. Instead, we have a North American branch of T with peculiar SNPs which is evidently a cross-section of a very old population originating in the Old World.[3]

One particular woman Dr. Yates tested to seek more information on her Native American ancestry found out she was 100 percent of European heritage. He is uniquely qualified as an expert in this field, and theorizes that:

An expedition of Ptolemaic Egyptians and others in the 3rd century BC sailed to North America and were the settlers from whom descended today’s Cherokee Native Americans. [He also stated, after analyzing the DNA, that,] “No such mix could have resulted from post-1492 European gene flow into the Cherokee Nation.[4]

Yates also connected Native American DNA to the Hills of Galilee in northern Israel and Lebanon when Haplotype X was discovered as a connection between natives of the two areas. The researcher has also established some linguistic similarities between the Native American languages, the languagesof the Egyptians, and Hebrew. Of the ancient Cherokee tongue, Dr. Yates stated:

The “old tongue” seems to have many elements of Greek, the language of Ptolemaic Egypt and ancient Judeans.[5]

Based upon these genetic markers, is it a stretch to think that the X2 and T mitochondrial DNA was passed down from mother to children—particularly in some of the Native American tribes, for the purposes of our discussion, and came from angels who implanted human women and the women bore their children, the Rephaim, in North America?

Now you could be thinking, “What? Mitochondrial DNA is passed down through the mother. Angels are male. Therefore, the children would inherit the male angel genes, and so the mitochondrial DNA wouldn’t be passed on.”

Such reasoning is absolutely understandable and accurate, except for one thing, but we’ll get to that in a minute. To your point, we know that the progeny of the Nephilim genome were the Rephaim, giants. This was a direct result of the Y chromosome DNA, and this corruption made bloodthirsty, redheaded, oval-skulled, double-row-toothed giants!

However, the corruption of all mankind didn’t stop there. A genetic study conducted in 2004 showed the following:

This called for a study…that was done by immunologists at the Fred Hutchinson Caner Center in 2004. In the study, they took samples from 120 women who had never had sons. They found that 21% of these women had male DNA. The women were then categorized into 4 groups according to pregnancy history: Group A had only daughters, Group B had had one or more miscarriage(s), Group C had induced abortions, and Group D had never been pregnant before. The prevalence of male michrochimerism was considerably greater in Group C, although it was still present in each group: Group A 8%, Group B 22%, Group C 57%, and Group D 10%.

The conclusions of this study noted that the possible sources of male michrochimerism included known pregnancies, miscarriages, vanished male twins, or sexual intercourse. This means that through intercourse alone there is a potential for women to hold onto male genes and DNA within their organs and blood stream for their entire life![6] (emphasis added)

If DNA stays in a mother’s bloodstream her entire life, and that mother has a child later on, that child will also inherit that, now, mitochondrial DNA from his or her mother. If a Nephilim has sexual intercourse with a human woman, he automatically corrupts her DNA and saddles her with his DNA. It is true that giants are the direct results of sexual intercourse and impregnating of human women by fallen angels. However, any other offspring these women have will have the Nephilim DNA in them as passed on in the mother’s DNA. Thus, this is how the Nephilim had corrupted all flesh prior to the Flood and evident in the X2 DNA that can be found in places it should not exist!

Are the giants, the gods, and ancestors that some of the Native American tribes honor and worship those same beings? Is the fellowship that some tribes enjoy with the use of their portals, i.e., stargates, a precursor to these beings coming back? Could it be that these entities have never exactly left because they interact with these tribes on a regular basis?

More importantly, is there a larger plan being implemented by these beings who call the other side of the stargates their home? Are we about to see that plan unfold in ways that we cannot comprehend?

Most of all, is part of that plan, like it was in Genesis 6 and in the days of Noah, a plan to corrupt all flesh?




Portal Mechanics

Before we go farther into investigating the motives of these beings, let us first go back to the mechanics of the stargates, or portals, themselves. Healthy skepticism is a good thing. It only becomes a problem when building evidence begins to show the truth of a matter, but you are unwilling to change your paradigm simply because it’s your paradigm. It might be too far of a mental leap for you to change your whole worldview. After all, if you accepted stargates, let’s say, then what else do you currently believe that is not true?

And there’s the rub. It is the slippery slope. If you are intellectually honest and are willing to look at your paradigm, then allowing it to change regarding stargates and portals will cause you to see the whole world differently. From then on, you will begin to question everything. It is the “red pill” (from the movie The Matrix) that you can never come back from. Sometimes, the challenge is too great. But here’s the question: Don’t you just want to know? Don’t you want to know the truth, regardless of the challenge to your worldview? Isn’t better to know the truth than it is to believe the lie?

So here is the truth regarding stargates, portals, and wormholes…in baby steps.

Mainstream NASA, as in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which was founded in 1958 by the U.S. government, has acknowledged portals!

In June of 2012, NASA announced its discovery of hidden portals in earth’s magnetic field. Called X-points, or electron diffusion regions, they connect the magnetic field of earth to the magnetic field of the sun. This creates an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere, which is ninety-three million miles away.

Using its THEMIS spacecraft, as well as a European Cluster probe, they found that these portals open and close dozens of times each day, and are usually located tens of thousands of kilometers above the earth. Most of these portals, and the conduits that go with them, are short lived. However, still others are giant, vast, and sustained.

It’s theorized that these portals aid in the transfer of tons of magnetically charged particles that flow from the sun. Often, you can see these particles activate with the Northern and Southern Lights during geomagnetic storms. NASA believes that this transfer is a way to aid the magnetic field from the sun to the earth, but its researchers are still unclear as to what these portals are.

To help you understand the significance of portals, let’s look at what one of the greatest thinkers of our time had to say about such a thing.

The idea of a wormhole was first presented by Albert Einstein in a 1935 paper in an attempt to unify relativity with electromagnetism. We just talked about electromagnetic portals that appear over the earth on a regular basis—you know, the ones that NASA says they do not understand?

A wormhole, or “Einstein-Rosen bridge,” is a shortcut connecting two separate points in space-time. A wormhole may connect extremely long distances, such as a billion light years or more, different universes, and different points in time. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in space-time.[7]

According to physicist Lisa Randall:

An extra dimension may exist close to our familiar reality, hidden except for a bizarre sapping of the strength of gravity as we see it.[8]

Therefore, this CERN scientist is saying that a wormhole can even connect you to a different dimension.

In 2015, researchers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain designed the first-ever magnetic wormhole in a lab by making a spherical device capable of transferring a magnetic field from one point in space to another.

Using magnetic metamaterials and metasurfaces, our wormhole transfers the magnetic field from one point in space to another through a path that is magnetically undetectable.[9]

This particular wormhole is a “spatial” wormhole that transfers magnetic fields; it is not a “gravitational” wormhole that transfers matter. However, the principles are still the same. The point is that if man can build such a device in a lab, is it a leap to believe that some of the gates we’ve previously outlined are either natural or technologically made?

Obviously, in order to access a wormhole, you would need an entrance or gate, as in a stargate. We provided material evidence earlier in this book that shows such gates or doors do exist. Some of these are natural, and some of them are man- or angel- made.

Still not convinced? You say the science is hypothetical? You say that such ideas are too far-fetched? Let’s try to loosen your grip on that paradigm with the following real-life stories.

Spirals in the Sky

On December 9, 2009, the night before Barack Obama was supposed to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, a bizarre-looking, circular spiral began spinning in the northern Norwegian sky. Covered by all the main news outlets, the phenomenon was initially explained away as an errant Russian missile test that self-destructed. However, nobody told the Russians that, because when they were first asked about it, they vehemently denied that it had been their rocket. Only after a few hours did they go back to the news outlets and “confirm” that it had been their missile that had gone off-course. Seriously, have you ever known the Russians to admit to such a thing? Such an acquiescence to this kind falsehood speaks of some serious arm-twisting. But why?

Many in the alternative media have ventured explanations, ranging from everything like Project Blue Beam to Hyperdimensional Torsion Field Physics. But perhaps the easiest explanation for the anomaly would be that it was a simple wormhole opening. In fact, if you watch a YouTube video of the event (there are several), you can see a craft of some kind pop out of view just before the spiral goes away. If true, this is another example of a wormhole being activated—only this time, it was beamed across the world on the Internet.

The Norwegian Spiral was not the first or the last. There have been sightings in Australia, Mexico, China, Russia, Canada, and South America, and those are just the ones that have been uploaded to YouTube.[10] This writer doubts that there were Russian missile tests at all of those locations. While sightings of these interesting phenomena seem to have increased over the last few years, spirals in the sky have been happening for thousands of years, which brings us back to the subject at hand.

If we are to believe that a spiral in the sky is a portal or wormhole opening up, then surely there would be evidence of this activity in North America—especially given all of the Native American stargates we have spoken about…wouldn’t there?

In fact, as previously mentioned, all across North America, we find ancient petroglyphs that have a common thread regardless of the tribe. One of the most consistent drawings is that of spirals.

In the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico and the vast Colorado Plateau, the ancient Pueblo, or Anasazi, often carved spirals in rock walls—handiwork that can still be seen today. For example, you can findancient spirals at the Hohokam petroglyph at the Saguaro National Monument in Arizona. There are also spirals all over the North American mounds. Ancient artifacts with spirals on them include pottery, art, gold, and precious metals. And this is only in North America! Spirals in petroglyphs and hieroglyphs have been found on virtually every continent.

Could it be that ancient angelic technology was so prevalent that even ancient peoples thought such travel was commonplace? Or perhaps the spiral drawings remain for us as a warning about these gates or portals that were opening? Are we seeing an increase of this spiral activity because the stargates are about to crash open? If so, is there any other evidence that would indicate such a danger?

This author believes so.

UP NEXT: De–CERN–ing the Times


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