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THE TYRANT OF TURKEY: Could Erdogan’s Win Have Prophetic Implications?

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With the alleged “re-election” of Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday, the country is in the news this week. Guess who was the first to congratulate him? If you guessed Russian President Vladimir Putin, you’re right. Putin called Erdogan his “dear friend.” One of the next world leaders to congratulate Erdogan was Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Should that trouble you? You bet it should. Most people – including most Evangelicals – aren’t paying Turkey or its corrupt leadership much attention. But you ought to – here’s why. First, Turkey is militarily important given that it has a population of 85 million and the biggest army in all of NATO. Second, Turkey is geographically important, strategically positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, just south of Russia and just north of Israel. Third, Turkey – known in ancient times as “Asia Minor” – is Biblically important, the place where the Apostle Paul used to preach the Gospel, plant churches, and write epistles in the first century. Fourth, Turkey is prophetically important. The first several chapters of the Book of Revelation was written to people living in ancient Turkey and those prophecies came to pass. What’s more, Turkey plays a key role in another major Biblical prophecy that will come to pass in the “last days” of history before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ… (READ MORE)

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