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Culprits Of Delusion – Is Extraterrestrial Deception In Revelation? – Part II

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Many people believe that the false revelation of aliens as our space brothers or even creators could be behind the great deception of the end times. But this scenario is not an obvious fit for Biblical prophecy. There are some passages that could hint at some kind of alien involvement in the end times, but it is not clear. However, another extraterrestrial group of beings not born on this earth, are mentioned extensively. And these extraterrestrials are behind deceptions in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and in apocryphal writings such as Enoch and the Book of Giants. Who are they? In Genesis, who tempted Eve? Who gave men forbidden knowledge, and created the hybrid Nephilim and beasts, leading to the great flood? Who ruled the nations unjustly, lured the Israelites from God, and tempted Judas to betray Jesus? And who will rise from the abyss, empower the kingdom of the antichrist, deceive men with false wonders, lead a genocidal army of 200 million, make war with the saints, and send demons to call the kings of the earth to Armageddon? And what are the identities of the beast, the false prophet, the whore of Babylon, and the dragon? The answer to all of these is… fallen angels. All of the evil in the Bible began with rebellious fallen angels who tempted, taught, corrupted, and deceived mankind. Mankind, on the other hand, has been unfaithful to God and let itself be corrupted by these angels. As they have throughout history, fallen angels will be behind the great deception at the end of this age… (READ MORE)

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