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‘It’s The Devil Masquerading’: Ex-Psychic Warns Of Bizarre, Spiritually Dangerous ‘Starseeds’ Phenomenon Reportedly Sweeping Social Media

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An ex-psychic medium is addressing yet another occultic phenomenon spreading across social media: the concept of so-called “starseeds.” Jenn Nizza, host of “Ex-Psychic Saved Podcast,” tackled the issue on the most recent episode of her show, noting the hashtag for starseeds has more than 950 million views. Nizza, who brought on a guest named Hannah (@mustardseedhannah on TikTok) to discuss the matter, encouraged people to “mark and avoid” anything affiliated with starseeds. Like Nizza, Hannah also has an occultic background, having been taught palm reading and divination at an early age. Now a Christian, Hannah speaks out against these practices and warns Christians to avoid such trends. “First of all, let’s address what a starseed is,” Nizza said. “They believe [they are] an advanced spiritual being from other planets and realms.” Hannah said the starseed paradigm is one in which people are told they have a “spark and it’s part of the universe and you can change the universe through this spark.” She said starseed ideology is akin to Scientology, claiming they “share doctrinal similarities.” Even when people have good intentions, those who embrace the fringe ideology end up “doing wickedness,” she argued. “The starseed ideology is so dangerous because it pulls in people who already feel lost and it gives them a place to think they can flourish and … walk into their identity, ascend, grow,” Hannah said. “What they’re looking for, they don’t know it, but it’s sanctification. But, instead, they found the counterfeit, which is ascension.” This might sound strange or like it’s ripped from a sci-fi novel, but the paradigm has become big enough to catch the attention of outlets like Popular Mechanics. A recent article — “A Growing Body of Humans Think They’re ‘Starseeds’: Aliens Living on Earth” — explores the strange elements. Journalist Tim Newcomb wrote… (READ MORE)

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