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Israel Is The Heart Of The End Times

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When we read end-time books and articles today, many focus on the gentile nations. But when we read about the World Economic Forum, digital currencies, AI, Russia, Ukraine, and China, we are viewing the periphery. These are intriguing end-times-relevant topics but are not at the core of end-times prophecy – Israel is. Ultimately, end-times prophecy is about Jesus as King over the earth, the restoration of Israel, the judgment of the nations, and the redemption of those who love God; Jews and Gentiles. Therefore we must keep our eyes on Israel. The mere existence of the state of Israel today is a miracle, only possible through God’s hand (Isaiah 66:8). But it only holds a fraction of its promised borders. And as the prophets foretold, it is surrounded by enemies who want to destroy it. Today, Israel is in turmoil, shaken by political infighting, local Arab conflicts, and external threats. But rest assured that this is all aligned with prophecy. And in a short time, we will see amazing events occur through the power of God. So let’s look at what God promised, what is happening now, and what is soon to come… (READ MORE)

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