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Are These Experts Prophetic Or Predictive When It Comes To Christians And AI Beast-Tech?

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There are always mountains of questions, concerns, theories and comments when a new era of technology dawns. The internet took the world by the hand and drew everyone who could gain access into a time of instant and global communication the likes of which had never been seen before. Christians utilized it efficiently to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, yet too many remain hesitant to this very day and do not interact with it out of fear and disgust of the content that the internet can hold. Emerging from the technological shadows is the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). Thus far, few people are sufficiently aware of its capabilities. Yet this technology was discussed hundreds of years ago by one of the world’s foremost scientists of the time: Nikola Tesla. Tesla predicted machines would become automated with their “own mind” and will not need the direction of a human intelligence to complete their tasks… (READ MORE)

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