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The Land Before Time—PART 18: Why Cern?

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What could possibly be the motivation to risk everything?  At the LHC restart in March of 2015, even Stephen Hawking was concerned about the creation of mini black holes. However, the brainiac physicists at the LHC dismissed the concern out of hand because they said that the chances were so infinitesimal that no one needed to be concerned about it. Excuse me? Infinitesimal? Isn’t any fraction of 1 percent enough to make one reconsider the consequences of the experiment? Especially, because if that fraction of a percentage did happen, the world would be destroyed? Instead, this arrogance from the academics and intelligentsia says, “Don’t worry about it. We have it all under control.”

What could be worth the risk of blowing up the world? Surely even the search for knowledge has its limits where the state of mankind is concerned. There have to be people in the background of this project who feel the weight of responsibility. There must be a line that all the money in the world won’t cross…

Ahhh, all that money! This is a multibillion dollar effort. Important, wealthy, and powerful people must be in the background giving a green light as to how these experiments proceed. What would make them pursue such a hazardous undertaking unless their reward was huge?

What do they hope to gain by risking the earth to a physics experiment? It can’t be money; if they are throwing it at this project, that’s like throwing it down a black hole. They have plenty. Is it power? Could be, but they probably have enough power to wield influence over kings and presidents to build and run the LHC. Is it altruism for the sake of mankind? Probably not. If anything, these wealthy and powerful backers no doubt pollute the skies with the exhaust from their private jets as they fly to all points of the globe.

What, then?

Ah oh…to destroy the world and remake make it their image. To be as a god.


Although the devil has several significant character flaws, one stands out from amongst the rest: pride. After all, he displayed pride when he was made the most beautiful angel; pride from being put in charge of the other angels; and pride when none of that was enough and he decided that he wanted to “be like the Most High.”

A closely related cousin to pride is arrogance. Pride can lead to arrogance, but the two are not the same. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “pride” is defined as “inordinate self-esteem.” “Arrogance” is defined as “an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions.” Having an inflated sense of one’s self can, if unchecked, cause you to act as if you are superior and assume that everyone else will acquiesce to your will. Sometimes pride and arrogance will cause you to do and say things that display those characteristics to the world.

Such is the case with the plans of the enemy where the LHC is concerned. They have subtly stated what they intend to do, and now they are going about doing it. Under their collective breaths, they say, “Go ahead, just try to stop us.” Pride.

Case in point: The very strange opera dance performed inside the LHC in October 2015 with a statue of Shiva in the background. The mix of music, strange video effects, and abnormal movements left many people scratching their heads at this CERN video that was widely released. Twisted News had these interesting observations:

Interpret we shall. The Dancing Shiva statue has four arms and dances with one foot raised. The figure is inside a halo of fire that symbolizes time, space, matter and energy. The world dances to the beat of Shiva. In his upper right arm, Shiva holds a drum which ushers the world into existence. In his left arm, Shiva holds a fire, which destroys the world. The Dancing Shiva creates and destroys the world in cycles that stretch from the infinite past into the infinite future.

The opera dance performed inside the collider is based upon the Dancing Shiva. The parallels between the two are spooky. The LHC creates conditions like those at the Big Bang. What is interesting to note is that the Dancing Shiva first destroys the world and then recreates it. Although the LHC creates a mini Big Bang, some say it also has the potential to destroy the world.[i]




But wait, why is Shiva dancing in the world’s largest machine at all? Wasn’t this about pure science? Not religion? What could the Destroyer of Worlds have to do with physics?

Everything! Because, as previously stated, this isn’t about science; this is about an end goal. It’s just like Satan to telegraph his moves and rub our faces in them. With mounting evidence, we see that he really wants to do exactly what this dance portrays.

But it gets weirder.

A chilling YouTube video released in August of 2016 showed nine individuals clad in black robes on the pavement in front of the Shiva statue at the LHC. The angle and sound of the video gave the impression that the person filming was in hiding and unaware of what was about to transpire. Seven of the individuals were in a circle on the edges of the pavement. Two individuals appeared to walk slowly to a stop directly in front of the statue. One of the people took off her robe and lie down on her back on the pavement directly in front of the statue. The other individual brandished what appeared to be a knife, lifted it high over her head, and then plunged it into the prone woman several times. At this time, the person recording the video began to curse and scramble away from the window. The video feed cut.

A human sacrifice?

Not long after the video’s release, a statement from CERN said that it had been a group of young scientists goofing around. Considering there were no reports of blood in front of the statue the next morning, such an explanation might be true. However, this explanation only leads to several other questions:

  1. Where did the black robes come from? Seems a little extravagant, and costly, for a prank.
  2. How could such activity go on in front of the very headquarters of the LHC without the higher-ups taking notice and putting a stop to it if it were just a bunch of pranking kids?
  3. Assuming that the explanation is true, what was the motive for such a ritual? Obviously, someone had studied and practiced how to do the ritual.

Whether real or spoofed, this is a perfect example of how Satan’s moves are being telegraphed in order to rub mankind’s nose in it.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of this idea is the CERN logo itself. If one looks at the white lettering with a square blue background, it is easy to “de-CERN” the “666” within the logo itself. If it were only this that was troubling about the organization, then it could be labeled as overreaction. However, the mounting evidence is that something nefarious is afoot. If you think that, you would be right.

Technologies Here and Now

Anthony Patch[ii] is a well-read, well-informed researcher on the LHC. He’s not buying the mainstream storyline coming out of CERN.[iii] In particular, he is convinced that the collisions being accomplished are at much greater speeds than reported. In addition, Patch has found evidence that the scientists at CERN are using the D Wave Quantum computer in their efforts.

Quantum computing is a discussion in and of itself; however, for the sake of moving the discussion forward, let’s suppose a presented complex equation might take a standard supercomputer a thousand years to solve. With a quantum computer, the problem could be solved in an hour.

The D Wave exists and is in production. More to the point, the LHC is using one to decode the data they are getting. Why? Because they are actually receiving data, according to Patch, from the other side of the dimensional veil. It is not known who is the source of this data, only that it is world-changing.




If that wasn’t disturbing enough, Patch believes he has correctly interpreted the idea of the key to the Abyss:

Definition of what Rev[elation] 9:1 cites as the “key” to the bottomless pit:

The “key” is the same as a key comprised of bits, required to break a coded message. Cryptography. The “key” is the number of qubits necessary to decode the encrypted key, i.e., RSA encryption. The “key” is coded information. Once the “key” unlocks the code, the information can be read. This information contains instructions on how to open the final portal. To open the bottomless pit.

Literally, the “key” is the model 4096 Adiabatic Quantum Computer from D-Wave. The model number is the number of qubits in the computer. This number coincides with the number of bits in the “key” needed to unlock the coded information to be transmitted through the portal.

If one were to compare the developmental timelines since 2000 of both the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the model numbers of D-Wave’s Adiabatic Quantum Computers (AQC)…you would see they run on concurrent and parallel paths. The AQC is connected to the LHC and is needed to open the portal, as well as maintaining its stability. And, to receive digitized DNA and information from “the other side.”

Geordie Rose, since 2010 has made it public knowledge their AQCs functioned because they were actually, literally sending information (combinatoral equations/problems) into another dimension. And, then receiving back answers/solutions from unknown sources. But, the answers were correct. These steps were proof-of-concept processes. They now know how many bits the “key” is comprised of. They now know how many qubits it takes to CREATE THE KEY. They have built the model 4096 AQC (SECRET). 4096 bits in the key. 4096 qubits in the AQC. It is linked over to CERN.

The LHC and the AWAKE experiment are now combined. The Main Ring of the LHC is physically connected to the AWAKE linear accelerator, which is 1000 times more powerful than the LHC itself. These machines will hit 20 PeV.  (Peta is Quadrillion) Right now, the LHC alone is running at 13 TeV. (Tera is Trillion) Last Oct. I said the LHC would hit 1.15 PeV. Three weeks later, CERN admitted I was correct, citing a spike of 1.14 PeV. CERN is preparing to go to 20 PeV in conjunction with D-Wave’s model 4096 AQC.[iv]

The Bottom Line

This author has said for many years that the Large Hadron Collider is like the master lock on a network of locks. When the master lock is unlocked, all the other locks will open.

The LHC is a stargate for the twenty-first century. It is the ultimate Tower of Babel, and its sole purpose, regardless of the stated intent by CERN, is to release Apollyon, Satan, from the Abyss with his host of fallen angels. This machine has been placed in the exact spot, over the gates to the Temple of Apollyon, to do exactly that.

The collider is already having an effect on the earth, and the scientists haven’t even reached their latest benchmarks of finding dark matter and parallel dimensions. But would we know if they did? Would they tell us if they did? Absolutely not.

That is because, as you will see in the next chapter, all hell is about to break loose.

UP NEXT: Reshaping Mindsets

[i] Chris Draper, “CERN Scientists Hold Occultic Dance Opera Inside Particle Collider,” Twisted News, (October 2015).



[iv] Anthony Patch, “‘Key’ to the Bottomless Pit Defined,” Anthony, (2016).

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