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The Land Before Time—PART 19: The Re-Making Of Monsters

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We started this series with a quote from the book of Joshua, in which the Lord told the people to be “strong and courageous.” We reasoned that this was because they were about to see giants.

One can surmise from the various Bible verses and text out of pseudepigraphical books that giants not only were present during those days, but they were common. As such, people of this era and for centuries afterward would not have been shocked to see a giant. Then what was it about this experience? So severe was the judgment of a bad report that all but two spies died in the wilderness, and they wandered the desert for forty years.

Gary Stearman, formally of Prophecy in the News, has some interesting insight on the kind of beings the Israelites must have encountered:

It is obvious that angels regularly circulate among human beings. Their appearance is so utterly “human” that it is possible to meet a supernatural being without even suspecting that you have had a transaction with an angel. The simple conclusion is that angels can transition in and out of our world with ease. And there is ample historical evidence to conclude that this includes evil, fallen angels, as well as the righteous angels who never left their assigned sphere of righteousness.

The conclusion is both obvious and simple. In ways we don’t completely understand, demonic forces can physically intervene in normal human affairs. They can introduce genetic transformations in their subjects, resulting in a variety of alterations that suit their needs at the moment. Monsters are the result. Human beings have traditionally viewed these new creatures as gigantic or heroic in proportion.

Both before and after the Flood, they were the despots whose rule came from force and power. They were real then…the fallen ones called “giants” in the ancient world. And they are real now, or so says the testimony of many thousands of witnesses.[i]

In addition to seeing humanoids of gigantic proportion, the Israelites dealt with a particular class of Rephaim. Although they might have heard about them, or even seen Rephaim, giants, what was across the Jordan was hideous for one particular reason, as pointed out in Numbers 13:30–33:

And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it. But the men that went up with him said, We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we. And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature. And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. (emphasis added)

Looking at the original Hebrew, a better rendition of verse 32 would say that the people in the land “eateth up the inhabitants.” In other words, not only were they giants, they were cannibals! One can only imagine what the spies must have seen to have so shocked them. After all, they had walked through the desert with the Lord Most High leading them. They had seen the miracles He had performed. They knew His power and might, and yet they were scared to death. Monsters indeed.

Could it be that the evil Buzz Aldrin was talking about, and that the other dignitaries who visited the Antarctic in recent months were gazing upon, was an evil that for the moment lay dormant, awaiting reanimation? Is whatever that is down there more than just global warming, a pyramid, or even ancient artifacts within a pyramid? Could it be that science and government institutions are trying to capture the ancient knowledge of giants—while the giants are still alive?

Coming face to face with this kind of evil gives men pause. It is an evil we will soon see again in the near future.

Through connections in alternative media, radio, and decades on post as a watchman on the wall, this author has been blessed by knowing several sources at high levels. As such, numerous reports have been brought forward on an incident in Dulce, New Mexico. The sources of these reports were multiple generals in the world of black ops with clearances that go way beyond top secret.

Although the sources didn’t know when they were sharing the information, there is commonality between each of the reports. As such, it is this writer’s belief that this was a real event, and the implications thereof should give everyone cause for concern.

A group of scientists entered a cave where giants were being held in a state of suspended animation. Apparently, they had been this way for decades, and the military, shadow government, was trying to glean understanding of their technology. There was a “red line” painted on the cave’s floor. The implicit instructions to the scientists was to not cross the red line. To disregard this line would put the researchers in grave danger. The cerebral activity in these creature’s brains could literally cause a human who was standing too close to come apart at the seams. However, despite the warning, one of the scientists ventured beyond the line. The result was horrific. One of the giants came out of stasis and killed the scientist along with thirteen others. It is unknown whether the creature was killed.

Other rumors abound about this area and the giants living underground. There are several accounts of an infamous incident that occurred in 1979, when military personal ran into some “tall grays” in a subterranean base of sorts. The story says that a soldier was startled when he stumbled upon the beings and shot at them, killing two. Multiple other beings returned fire on the humans and the battle ensued. The result was at least sixty dead.

Whether you believe either of these accounts is not an issue. This book could be filled with talk of underground bases, shadow government conspiracies, and black budgets. However, these stories and several others like them help bring the ongoing events in Antarctica into focus. Just as something was found stirring underground in New Mexico, something is stirring at the South Pole, and it’s not the only place.




Dr. Muldashev

As acting host of a radio program, this writer had the opportunity to interview a close friend of Dr. Ernst Muldashev, a renowned ophthalmologist who has invented many systems and medical aides in use today. This soft-spoken and beloved man has lectured all over the world, taught medical students, and operated on countless patients. He is not onlyconsidered sane, but brilliant, by those who know him.

It is with this background that we begin a discussion on Dr. Muldashev’s expedition to the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. A passionate explorer and researcher, he and a team of scientists ventured to the Himalayas for the purpose of finding what Hitler could not.

Hitler and his Third Reich occultist colleagues believed that powerful ancient civilizations lay hidden within this Tibetan mountain range. They thought that within this civilization, they would find the source of ancient, unlimited energy, weapons, specifications for a “perfect” human, and the technology for how to make one as well as other lost technologies.

The German leader was obsessed with making a new Aryan race that would know how to use the occult dark arts of the ancients. He believed that such knowledge could be the key to the use of telekinesis, and as such, would assist him and the Reich in building the kinds of structures that the ancients did. As discussed in earlier chapters, many of these structures—monoliths, temples, and pyramids—cannot even be built today with modern technology.

Before Dr. Muldashev’s journey, there had been three German expeditions and several others from the U.S., Britain, Sweden, and the U.S.S.R. What made the trip especially difficult was the fact that virtually nothing was known about the previous expeditions, so the team had to rely on local Tibetan guidance and help. This dependence on the locals turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.

The day before they were supposed to hike up the mountain, a Tibetan lama requested to speak with them. For whatever reason, the lama began to disclose things that none of the previous explorers knew. He told them that if they could find a tall statue of a man reading, it would show them the way to the “City of Gods.”

With the help of the lama, they found it! According to the doctor, it was no less than 150 feet tall, and was sitting on a shortened pyramid, both of which were positioned on a large, strange plate. The statue had its hands resting on the plate, his back bowed inward and his head back as if looking toward the heavens.

It is written in Tibetan texts that golden plates are stored under the statue, and that these plates contain earth’s complete history. One only needs to hold the plate for a mental download of all the information. The lama further told the members of the expedition that if they reached the statue, the City of Gods would reveal itself to them.

Exactly as the lama said, Muldashev and his team found the ancient city, and it was everything that it was promised to be. More than thirty miles square, it was a city of pyramids of all different sizes and shapes. In addition, there were various strange monuments with unusual structures, like temples with no windows or doors. The pyramids ranged in height from 1500 feet to over 1900 feet.

This city rested on a flat plain in the Himalayas at more than forty-two thousand feet. That is more than twice the highest peak in the U.S., Denali in Alaska. In a memorandum about the visit, Dr. Muldashev made nearly 150 sketches of the city. He also took pictures and video of the area. He and the team made a map of the city to take back to civilization.

Of interest is something that legends called the “Shantamani Stone.” It is said to contain construction technology of the City of Gods and something called the “Matrix of Life” on earth. Back to this in a moment.

In the course of his exploration, Dr. Muldashev and his guides found an opening into one of the pyramids. Going inside, the researcher was stunned by what he saw: technology that rivals what man has today. He had been warned that he could not venture too far in, because “something” within the pyramid would get into their heads and could kill them.

As the group went deeper, they felt a thickness in their minds and their heads began to hurt. They were about to halt their progress when they came upon some very large, coffin-like apparatuses. They were able to see inside the apparatuses and what they saw was stunning. Within these pods were giants. And they looked to be alive, only sleeping. These giants were being kept in stasis!

Dr. Muldashev’s mind raced. How long had these beings been there? Who put them there? So many questions…but the pain in the explorers’ heads was building. They needed to get out. Succumbing to the pain and the constraints of time, the group left this otherworldly lab.

The doctor had the distinct feeling that these giants were malevolent and would one day wake up. He didn’t know what would be the trigger, or what would happen if such creatures were unleashed on the earth, but he knew it probably wasn’t going to be good.

Interestingly, when he finally arrived back home and had a chance to show his map to his colleagues, which included geneticists and biologists, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The map was a giant DNA stone, and appeared to represent Triplet DNA, which is also the shape of a pyramid. Triplet DNA refers to the sequence of amino acids in the human genome in which a protein determines its structure and function. The DNA code is a triplet code.

As it turns out, the City of Gods did provide for the so-called Matrix of Life to Dr. Muldashev and his team. However, as fascinating as that particular find is, it pales in comparison to the giants that lay in wait: dormant until their day of reanimation.

By all appearances, that day is not too far off.




A Stirring

For many years, this author has been warning of a day when we would see giants reanimate, UFOs become commonplace, and demonic activity across the world spike. We call this day the end times, but few understand the reality of a world infested with the devil’s monsters. However, Gary Stearman does indeed get it:

Today, the demon and his ilk are steadily re-emerging in more and more blatant displays of strange activity. Current stories of UFO abductions, grotesque animal mutilations, genetic experiments and pseudo-technological razzle-dazzle are capped off by the furtive manifestations of the GHB, bigfoot. [sic]

Just beneath the surface, these phenomena are definitely connected. There is a web of activity that will produce the same sort of evil that characterized the antediluvian era. We have only to remember that ancient historians linked the demigods of old with the intrusion of Satan and his minions with the Nephilim. The fallen ones of that day seem to have been the result of dark experimentation…a celestial attempt to link the unseen world with our physical reality. [ii]

It is one thing to try to convince people of a human history that is far different than the one the Smithsonian would like us to believe. At every step, the mainstream media, Christians, and the church relegate the idea of angels mating with human women, producing giant offspring, to mere fantasy. Worse, they continue to condition the masses to believe that only fringe elements and lunatics believe in such things, regardless of the evidence. That evidence has been extensively documented in the works this writer has published and spoken about for several years. However, no matter the detractors, the truth remains the truth. Unfortunately, many will not grasp the truth about these beings until they are figuratively, or literally, face to face with them—and perhaps not even then. Judging by the resent assault on the veil that divides the natural from the supernatural, the wait will not be long. Reports from all around the world indicate that the giants in stasis are being activated.

The giants are stirring. The Bible gives an indication of what it will be like at the end of the age in Isaiah 14:9:

Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.

Fallen angels from above, giants from the earth, and demons from below.

Jurassic Giants

From Jack in the Beanstalk to Jack the Giant Slayer, a consistent theme with giants is the fact that they are cannibals. Why? Could it be because there is a deep-seated truth in this idea? You will see.

Shortly after World War II, the military was having a difficult time reconciling characterizations of dead U.S. and Japanese servicemen in the Solomon Islands who reportedly had been eaten. That’s right, “eaten,” as in “cannibalized.”

Upon hearing these reports, this author made it a point to search out the validity of the matter, with surprising results. Apparently, the Solomon Islands have a long history of cannibalistic giants that roam the countryside. While these stories emanate from history, there are also modern accounts such as the World War II incidents and others, which say that the giants are not only still alive, but they are hungry.

And apparently, they aren’t the only ones. Cannibalism is a symptom of an evil that goes much deeper than mere murder. It is not only a worldwide phenomenon, but reports say that the frequency of this gruesomeness is increasing.

  • German national Armin Meiwes posted an advertisement on a website seeking a “well built 18 to 30 year old willing to be killed and eaten.” One bright soul actually took this lunatic up on the offer, and the evil act was done and recorded on videotape. Meiwes is now serving a life sentence in a German prison.
  • John Bunting and Robert Wagner, pedophiles and sexual predators, murdered several people and stored the victims in barrels to be consumed later. Again, life sentences were handed down with no chance of parole.
  • Matej Curko was a regular guy with a normal family. As it turned out, he was responsible for the disappearance and murders of several Italian women between January 2009 and May 2011. He was killed in a shootout; later, the police discovered a huge collection of body parts that he apparently ate when he wasn’t with his family.
  • In Miami in 2012, a naked man who was reportedly high on bath salts attacked and ate the face off of a homeless man.
  • Of course, there are also the “traditional” tales of cannibalism from various places that are less civilized as, say, Miami. In the South Pacific, the Korowai tribe of Indonesian New Guinea allegedly still has a culture of cannibalism. There are thought to be an estimated four thousand of these cannibalistic tribesmen living in the rain forest.

Cannibalism is the supernatural lust and appetite of demons expressed through humans. This lust is so powerful that the conveyors of this evil must feast on human flesh to satisfy the craving. However, like the lust of any demon, behavior is not stopped when someone is killed and eaten. This satisfaction only provokes the demon inside to demand more compliance from the human host, and as such, the evil habit is born. Make no mistake: Cannibalism is out of the very pit of hell itself, and it is only one of the many spiritual and physical indicators that show that all literal hell is about to break loose.


Without trying to belabor the point, so much of what Christians talk about with regard to evil is incorrectly defined. Is it any wonder we fall prey to the enemy? Let’s get down to brass tacks.

  • Angels: Sons of God in the Old Testament. Still serve the Most High God. Were there at the creation of the earth, and presumably, when Adam and Eve were alive. These are interdimensional beings that are able to traverse between our three-dimensional world and “the heavenlies,” and are able to do so without the use of technology. They are the good guys.
  • Fallen angels: These were also the sons of God, but they left their first estate and habitation. The Nephilim are amongst their ranks, because they came to earth and had sexual relations with human women. They have corrupted God’s creation, and as such, have been judged. That final judgment will not happen until the time of the end, and currently they still have an influence in the world. Their wings have been clipped and because they’ve left their first estate; they now need to utilize technology in order to be able to move between dimensions and to travel beyond light speed. They can appear as angels of light, and they can shape-shift. They are the bad guys.
  • Rephaim: These are the offspring of the fallen angels who mated with human women. They were, and are, giants, for the most part. Certain physical traits such as red hair, six fingers and toes, double rows of teeth, and cannibalistic tendencies are attributed to the Rephaim. They are angry, bloodthirsty, and violent, and they are ALIVE on the earth today. These include the giants in stasis.
  • Demons: These are the disembodied spirits of the Rephaim. They are not fallen angels, which have bodies and physical attributes. Demons do not.
  • Aliens: Always remember that Satan masquerades as an angel of light. While this author is not saying that life on other planets does not exist, the beings pretending to be visitors from other worlds are frauds. Remember, if such life exists on other planets, our Creator created them also. His testimony is true in His Word, and when we are told that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, He meant it! Any being that tries to dissuade us from the biblical narrative is demonic or a fallen angel. There are beings called the “grays” that have been manufactured in laboratories. There are also supposedly other types of beings, reptilian and the like, that are shape-shifting fallen angels. There are also luminescent beings that are reportedly interdimensional beings from another plane of existence (think CERN). These are simply fallen angels masquerading as something else. The testimony of God and His Son is universal, as in “universe.” Any being that would come to earth and was that far advanced would acknowledge the Creator as He has described Himself in His Word.

While this author does not want to get caught up on definitions, words do mean things. It is important to understand exactly what we are dealing with. As such, we will seek to be explicitly clear.

UP NEXT: The Battle

[i] Gary Stearman, Valley of the Giants, The Forbidden,

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