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450 Headless ‘Vampire’ Skeletons Unearthed In Mass Grave In Poland

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Archaeologists in Poland have excavated what is being called a “mass-suspected vampire grave.” With their decapitated skulls lodged between their legs, and coins in their mouths, every effort was taken to hinder these 450 ‘perceived’ monsters from rising from their graves. Polish legends describe “ Vjesci” (vampires) as pale figures haunting moonlit streets, and as bloodthirsty creatures lurking in ancient crypts, emerging at nightfall to prey upon unsuspecting souls. But now, the remains of 450 suspected vampires, and a huge pile of loose bones deposited in three ossuaries, has been unearthed by road workers near a 19th-century cemetery in the village of Luzino, in the northeast of Poland. Among the many reasons these 450 buried corpses are being called “vampires,” is because every recovered body was decapitated, with the skull placed between the legs and a coin set in the mouth. It is well established that these burial practices were all preventative measures, taken specifically to stop the undead returning from the grave to terrorize the living… (READ MORE)

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