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In Awe Of The Power Of God Over Satan’s Army

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If you are a regular reader, you have probably noticed that my pace of blog posts has slowed over the past few months. Unfortunately, a move from one house to another has lessened my time for writing, but I hope to increase the pace soon. During this time of packing and unpacking, I listened to the testimonies of people who escaped the Luciferian system through God’s intervention. They experienced firsthand the rituals of darkness performed by the powers of this world, human and angelic. I found there was more to unpack in these testimonies than the stacks of boxes in my house. If the testimonies are true, the infiltration of deep darkness into our world’s leaders, technologies, culture, and media is extensive. This darkness is preparing the world for the Antichrist’s rise, and the world is more prepared for this than we may think. So when I inquired with the Holy Spirit about how to write about some of these matters, He told me, “Write about the power of God.” In this reply, God reminded me that He is stronger no matter how extensive and powerful the darkness is. So we can thrive in the world of darkness through our salvation in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit within us. And we are to emulate Jesus’ way regardless of the rising tide of evil. Satan seems to think he can win or at least rob God of His prize – those He loves. He has corrupted God’s creation, and his fallen angels have learned to manipulate and corrupt the power of creation. But has God ever shown Satan the depth of His power? Or has He kept His full might hidden to encourage freedom? We are about to witness the darkness appear to win as God withdraws His restraint. And we will soon see a glimpse of the power He has kept holstered, and we will all stand in awe… (READ MORE)

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