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Archaeologist Excited By Recent Finds In Ancient Shiloh, Biblical Site Of Ark. Have They Found The Tabernacle Of God?

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Stripling gave us a tour of the site and took us to perhaps their most significant discovery. “This is where you came to connect with God,” Stripling said, while walking through the site. “This is where the Ark was housed. The Tabernacle is here, and this where you came to connect with God.” We asked Stripling if he believed they’ve actually found the Tabernacle. He answered, “I’m not ready to say I know for certain, but I’ll tell you what we do have is a building that is matching the dimensions of the Tabernacle. It’s from the Iron One period, which is the Tabernacle period of Eli and Samuel, and you’re actually standing right now, Chris, on this wall right here. So this entire area is this massive, monumental building. (It) orients east – west and it’s divided on 2 to 1 ratio, like the Tabernacle was,” Stripling explained. He showed us the locations for the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant would have been if the archaeologists are correct in their theory. At one point on the tour of the site, Stripling, said, “You’re probably standing where the Ark of the Covenant was… (READ MORE)

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