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On the surface, it would seem that official disclosure of UFO documents and knowledge would not be a bad thing. However, if official disclosure is ever achieved, through what worldview will it be filtered? Most likely, it will be interpreted through the worldview of whoever is closest to and most influential within the disclosure movement itself. There could come a day when the government provides its citizens with information, but interpreting the information is something different. For example, if microbial life is found on the surface of Mars, a Christian might interpret it to mean that God’s creation is more expansive than first thought. However, a believer in Ancient Astronaut Theory might interpret it as evidence showing that life on Earth came from outer space—specifically from aliens originating on another planet. These two interpretations are completely contrary to one another, yet are formed from the same facts.

Truthfully, factual evidence itself is never as influential to society as the interpretation of said evidence. My personal belief is that official disclosure by itself would not have as much of an impact on society as would the worldview of whoever is interpreting the facts for the rest of the world. We won’t know who those people are until we get there; however, as of right now, people with government connections, such as John Podesta and the people he has ties with concerning official disclosure, would be the most likely candidates. Therefore, we can look at the worldview of these people to predict how the facts might be interpreted after official disclosure takes place. Thanks to WikiLeaks, we can gauge this worldview fairly accurately by examining Podesta’s leaked emails.

On June 25, 2014, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, who often acted as an intermediary between Mitchell and Eryn Sepp, forwarded this email to Sepp from Mitchell for John Podesta:

*From:* Rebecca Hardcastle Wright []

*Sent:* Wednesday, June 25, 2014 8:08 AM

*To:* Sepp, Eryn

*Subject:* Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Request for Meeting to discuss Disclosure

*Re: Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Request for Meeting to discuss Disclosure*

Dear John Podesta:

As we move into the last half of 2014, the need for extraterrestrial disclosure intensifies. Thank you for your kind consideration and response to my email.

This 4 July weekend I will meet with President Obama’s friend, Ambassador Hamamoto, at the US Mission in Geneva during their Independence Day Celebration. While in Geneva I will also speak at the UN and the European Space Agency regarding why we must move forward with disclosure and specific programs such as manned moon missions, since some scientists and others are calling for moon colonization due to what they perceive is happening on Earth.

John, with this email I am requesting a conversation with you and President Obama regarding the next steps in extraterrestrial disclosure for the benefit of our country and our planet.

Fifty years ago Battelle, Brookings and RAND studies on UFOs convinced the government to remove knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence from the citizens of our country. These organizations advised with their best information. However, today much, if not most, of the extraterrestrial reality they examined is known by our citizens. These organizations’ resultant strategies and policies of 50 years ago no longer hold credibility or benefit.

Five decades of UFO information have dramatically shifted the public awareness of an extraterrestrial presence.  And yet, our government is still operating from outdated beliefs and policies. These are detrimental to trust in government transparency, science, religion, and responsible citizenry embracing the next step in our country’s space travel and research.

Three disclosure issues are prominent: 1) planet sustainability via next generation energies such as zero point energy, 2) galactic travel and research undertaken as an advanced species aware of the extraterrestrial presence, not as uninformed explorers who revert to colonialism and destruction and 3) the example of a confident, engaged government who respectfully regards the wisdom and intellect of its citizens as we move into space.

I respectfully receive your response to my request for conversation on disclosure.

[image: Image removed by sender.]

Warmest Regards,

Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD

Chief Science Officer & Founder, Quantrek

Apollo 14 astronaut

6th man to walk on the Moon


Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD

Washington DC Representative, Quantrek


To which Sepp replied:

On Fri, Jul 18, 204 at 12:42 PM, Sepp, Eryn <> wrote:

Received! Thanks Rebecca. Sorry for the delay—it’s been a heck of a month.

John would likely take this meeting alone first before involving the President, so let me ask him if he can do this in August.  He’ll be in town Aug 11 – 22. Is Dr. Mitchell planning to be in town then?



Eryn M. Sepp

Special Assistant to the Counselor to the President


To which Wright replied:



Date: 2014-07-29 13:53

Subject: Re: Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Request for Meeting to discuss Disclosure

Dear Eryn:

Dr. Mitchell is available for a meeting with John Podesta the week of August 11, but will not be able to come to DC.

He would like me to attend the meeting and then we patch him in via skype.

Thanks for getting back to me on this with a date and time.

My phone is 301-915-4660.



*Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD*

Founder, Institute of Exoconsciousness

*Bridging Extraterrestrial Experience and Consciousness Science*

*Mobile*: 301-915-4660     *Skype*:     rebecca.hardcastle.wright


BLOG <>*






According to this exchange, it seems that no meeting, at least in person, took place.[i] This was later confirmed by Rebecca Hardcastle Wright herself on her own website.[ii] However, in this case, the more interesting issue isn’t the meeting itself, but the potential for one.

Though no actual meeting can be proven to have taken place, it seems John Podesta actually had an interest in meeting with Mitchell and Mansfield, but was unable to do so due to a scheduling conflict. This shows, at least in the mind of Podesta, that these weren’t merely a couple of random, crazy people emailing him out of the blue. These were people with whom Podesta saw a benefit in meeting. The topic of the meeting was no mystery to Podesta, since Mitchell described in full what he intended to discuss in the first email. Therefore, it would seem likely that there are shared beliefs between Mitchell, Mansfield, and Podesta for the meeting to even be a possibility, even to the point of setting dates and a location. In fact, it seems that a correspondence toward setting up potential meetings was still going on the following year. Here is an email from Terri Mansfield on behalf of Mitchell to John Podesta and Eryn Sepp dated January 16, 2015:[iii]



Date: 2015-01-16 13:38

Subject: email for John Podesta strategy (℅ Eryn) from Edgar Mitchell

Dear John,

In learning that you will leave the Administration next month to work with Hillary Clinton, I write to suggest that Hillary talk with President Obama after Terri Mansfield and I meet with you to discuss Zero Point Energy and Disclosure.

Best regards,


Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD

Chief Science Officer & Founder, Quantrek

Apollo 14 astronaut

6th man to walk on the Moon

Here is another from 07-10-2015:[iv]



Date: 2015-07-10 23:21

Subject: FW: email for John Podesta (Eryn) from Edgar Mitchell re Skype

Hugs Eryn,

I called and left you a voice message today Friday.

On behalf of Dr. Mitchell, I would like to set up our Skype talk with John at his earliest convenience to discuss Disclosure.

Thank you for letting me know dates and times when he is available.



Terri Donovan Mansfield

602-885-9058 | <>

This is interesting, though a bit of the context is lost. By saying, “Thank you for letting me know dates and times when he is available,” we cannot be sure if this means dates and times were already established, or if it is a thank you in advance with the assumption that dates and times would be sent in the near future. However, if we examine an email from a few weeks prior, we will see it said, “Thank you for giving me 3 dates and times when you are available to Skype with Terri Mansfield and me about Disclosure and ETI.” Within this context, it lends evidence that dates and times for a meeting via Skype had already been sent. Of course, this could be, like the last one, a presumptive thank you. However, the fact that three dates are mentioned seems oddly specific for something merely assumed. Even more shocking than this is the content of the rest of the email:

From: Terri D. Mansfield [ <>]

Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:31 AM

To:  <>

Cc:<>; <>

Subject: email for John Podesta (Eryn) from Edgar Mitchell re Skype

Dear John,

In ongoing requests for our Skype talk to discuss Disclosure and the difference between our contiguous universe nonviolent obedient ETI and the celestials of this universe, and because Hillary and Bill Clinton were intimates of Laurance Rockefeller who had an avid interest in ETI, I direct your attention to Scott Jones, PhD.

In Scott’s book Voices From the Cosmos, he describes himself as an octogenarian in full karmic payback made following 30 years in the military, half in combat arms and half in intelligence.

He references you in his ETI matter, as well as the Catholic Church.

Disclosure is now top priority for ETI itself in protection of the people.

Thank you for giving me 3 dates and times when you are available to Skype with Terri Mansfield and me about Disclosure and ETI.

Best regards,


Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD

Apollo 14 astronaut

6th man to walk on the Moon

Zero Point Energy Consultant

PS My speaking in this 5+ minute video about the importance of Disclosure may help you understand our desire to speak with you.


PPS I am now Zero Point Energy consultant to two organizations specializing in z.p.e.

Though this does indicate that dates and times were sent from Podesta/Sepp, it is still unclear whether an actual meeting, either online or in person, ever took place. At the end of the email, Mitchell sent a video clip from the documentary movie, The Phoenix Lights, We Are Not Alone, of himself talking about the importance of disclosure. It appears that Mitchell is sending it as an attempt to further convince John Podesta to meet with him, which might be evidence that a meeting had not yet taken place.



Also, more interesting than potential meetings, we get a glimpse into Mitchell’s theology concerning ETI. From the email, we learn a few descriptions of the ETI themselves:

  1. They are from a contiguous universe rather than another planet.
  2. They are nonviolent, though this term is not defined (nonviolent as compared to what or whom?).
  3. They are obedient—but again, this is not defined (obedient regarding what authority?).
  4. They are different than the “celestials of this universe.”

We also learn that disclosure is a top priority for ETI itself in protection of the people. However, from this email alone, what this means is a complete mystery.

To further examine Mitchell’s beliefs concerning ETI and official disclosure, we can look to an email by Terri Mansfield, who seems to share the same beliefs as Mitchell. Keep in mind that unless it was merely a very specific thank you in advance, from the last email dated June 11, 2015, Mitchell indicates that Podesta/Sepp sent him three possible dates for a Skype call between Podesta, Mitchell, and Mansfield to discuss their beliefs about disclosure. The email we are going to look at next was sent a few months prior to this, on October 1, 2014. This is important to note, because it shows, after everything Mansfield stated in this next email, that John Podesta may have still been interested enough in a Skype call to send out three possible dates and times. In short, what Mansfield sent in 2014 did not scare off Podesta or make him think of Mitchell and Mansfield as lunatics. He received this email and, if dates and times were in fact sent, was intrigued at least enough to want to discuss the matter further. This helps show us what Podesta himself might believe about ETI and the role of official disclosure in the future:[v]



Date: 2014-10-01 09:35

Subject: email for John Podesta (℅ Eryn Sepp) from Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell requesting meeting

RE: Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell requests meeting with John Podesta to discuss Disclosure.

Hugs Eryn,

Dr. Edgar Mitchell asks that I write to Mr. Podesta and you requesting his meeting in Washington, DC with John to discuss Disclosure and zero point energy.

As John is aware, more than 20 countries including the Vatican have released top secret papers discussing extraterrestrial incidents on Earth over many years. The US has NOT participated in Disclosure, yet.

Attending the meeting with Dr. Mitchell will be the following:

Mr. Dan Hill, Catholic philanthropist

Dr. Michael Mansfield, Catholic retired Air Force Colonel

Mrs. Terri Mansfield, Catholic consultant replacing Dr. Rebecca Wright for Dr. Mitchell in this matter.

Because of his own background as a Catholic, we feel it is imperative that John be aware of the Vatican’s interest in ETI, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and in sustainability for our planet.

The Vatican has hosted global seminars on the repercussions of humans interacting with ETI, and how this will affect religion and consciousness.

The Vatican’s Observatory is located here in Arizona, and its top astronomers including Father Jose Funes and Brother Guy Consolmagno, who have met with Pope Francis, have publicly stated that God’s creation could very well include OTHER intelligent life, and that would mean they are our “brothers.”

We work with specific ETI from a contiguous universe. They are nonviolent and in complete obedience to God.

Our ETI’s connection to zero point energy is obvious in that their purpose is to guide Edgar’s international Quantrek science team to apply their zero point energy research for humanity, to move away from the use of fossil fuels which are so deleterious to our fragile planet. Quantrek’s science intuitive, Dr. Suzanne Mendelssohn, also a practicing Catholic, advises the Quantrek team as to the specific Tau neutrino which is the foundation for zero point energy, something CERN scientists have begun to study, as well as scientists all over the planet.

Because of the recent demonstrations addressing the overwhelming issue of climate change, and President Obama’s own concern, we feel the timing is perfect to meet with John to map out a plan involving Disclosure and zero point energy.

After having met with US Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto at the UN Mission in Geneva on July 4, Edgar announced to Swiss media that he intends to return to the moon on a space ship fueled by zero point energy at age 100, in 16 years.

Thank you for letting us know 3 possible dates and times for our meeting with John, so we can prepare travel logistics.



Terri Donovan Mansfield

Director: Quantrek ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Peace Task Force,

Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD | Science Officer & Founder

602.885.9058 | <>

On behalf of:

Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD

Chief Science Officer & Founder, Quantrek

Apollo 14 astronaut

6th man to walk on the Moon

Those familiar with our books, Petrus Romanus, Exo-Vaticana, and Path of the Immortals, as well as my work together with Josh Peck discussing various points of interest regarding CERN in Abaddon Ascending—will likely recognize certain elements of this email. We see the Vatican’s interest and Catholic influence over the ETI disclosure issue. We also see more details planned for a meeting including several Catholic attendees. Interestingly enough, even the Vatican’s Observatory (written about in Exo-Vaticana) in Arizona, along with Jose Funes, Guy Consolmagno, and Pope Francis are discussed. The idea of other intelligent life in the universe existing as our “brothers” is a point made here as well.

After all this, Mansfield, on behalf of Mitchell, drops a bombshell. She states clearly and directly they “work with specific ETI from a contiguous universe.”[vi] She also states these ETI are “nonviolent and in complete obedience to God.” Of course, the first question brought to mind might be, which god?

Mansfield goes on to describe a connection between ETI and zero point energy. She believed the ETI were guiding Mitchell’s efforts with Quantrek toward bringing zero point energy to humanity, thereby removing our dependence on fossil fuels which, according to Mansfield (and apparently the ETI), is destroying our fragile planet. Strangely enough, even CERN and the Tau neutrino’s connection to zero point energy is stated. Once again, a reference to “3 possible dates and times” for their meeting is mentioned. Yet, as with the others, it is unclear if this is a presumptive thank you or one based on a past event.

In any event, it shows the potential for someone sharing these beliefs to be in a position, or at least having access to a person in a position, to interpret ETI disclosure toward these ends: Humans are destroying the planet, ETI are here to help us, ETI are obedient to God, ETI are our brothers, and the government should get involved in how to explain all of this to the general public. Whether Podesta went along with these beliefs or not is beside the point. The fact is, Mansfield and Mitchell had direct access, at least for a little while, to a high-ranking person in the White House who was pushing for official disclosure of the UFO phenomenon. This helps show us how official disclosure could get interpreted if it happened today.

UP NEXT: Hierarchy and Classification of Aliens and Spirits

[i] The exchange can be read on WikiLeaks here:





[vi] The word “contiguous” here seems to refer to what we might think of as “parallel” or “higher,” such as regarding a parallel universe or higher dimension.

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