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THE ADMINISTRATION UNDER “WE ARE LEGION, FOR WE ARE MANY” IS COMING… And Biblical Prophecy Has Never Been More Vital For Churches To Teach It, And Believers To Understand It

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The topic of Bible prophecy is more relevant to our lives now than at any other time in the history of the church. It’s never been more vital that churches teach it, and believers understand it. It’s not just the convergence of a host of prophetic signs that make it so, but the existential dangers to our lives and livelihood that threaten everyone. I have watched recordings from the World Economic Forum (WEF) meetings during which time the elite talk openly about the need to drastically reduce the world’s population. One woman causally suggested that five hundred million would be a suitable goal while a pharmaceutical company president predicted a fifty percent reduction in the number of people living in America during the next year or two. It’s no secret that Bill Gates has long been an advocate of significantly reducing the earth’s population. Please know these are not idle threats, but rather the intentions of the luciferin globalists that control the UN, the WEF, and the deep state in the U.S. Don’t fall for their benign-sounding platitudes of wanting to save the planet, the master they serve is the very same one that Jesus identified as a “liar” and “murderer” in John 8:44. They regard the majority of people in the world as “useless eaters,” which clearly doesn’t bode well for them… (READ MORE)

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