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Witchcraft And Marriage Didn’t End Well For NFL Legend Tom Brady

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If you think witchcraft is a good idea, you might also think this is a good reason to divorce: “Sometimes you grow together; sometimes you grow apart.” That was the excuse from supermodel Gisele Bündchen to a Vanity Fair reporter explaining why she ended 13 years of marriage to Tom Brady, the greatest NFL quarterback of all time. The couple had married Feb. 26, 2009, in a Catholic ceremony in Santa Monica, California, and have two children together. When a beautiful power couple live out their love story before an adoring public for more than a decade, they become Pied Pipers of romance. But among Catholics, a 13-year marriage with two children awash in privilege but ending due to different growth patterns should sadden us. Wealth and fame easily overshadow God and religion without intentional effort to overcome the world’s pull into selfishness. Sacrifice, prayer and openness to the marital graces is the way to get through hard times to keep the unbreakable bond of a sacramental marriage strong. Despite the fairytale romance image, back in 2019, I had an ominous feeling about the couple’s future. Brady admitted glibly to CBS that he credited his 2019 Superbowl win with the Patriots beating the Rams 13-3 to witchcraft. His wife had been directing his participation in it. Having interviewed many exorcists warning that anything occult was from the devil, I knew there would be trouble ahead. We don’t know how the devil will play his cards, but when he is the dealer, he ultimately works toward the demise of those involved. In all, Brady had 10 Super Bowl appearances and seven victories, some of those before getting together with Gisele, but witchcraft become a part of his pregame rituals… (READ MORE)

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