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THE ADMINISTRATION UNDER “WE ARE LEGION, FOR WE ARE MANY” IS COMING… And That Is Why The World Is Suddenly Trending Toward A Cashless Society: One Hundred Nations Now Exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies

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The Bible tells us that when the antichrist comes on the scene, he’s going to gain a foothold of global power. The beginning strategy of his power grab will be to first gain control over the world economy. It’s a lot faster and easier to gain economic control with all the means that are available today than it is to achieve military and political power. Once you have that economic control, you control people’s lives, and you can then take them over politically and militarily as well. According to Revelation chapter 13, the antichrist will have iron-fisted control over all buying and selling. Bible prophecy teachers for decades have said that a cashless society will be required. What we see today developing in our world is a cashless society on steroids. Recently, a new entity was created called the FedNow Service. The FedNow Service is a portal created by the Federal Reserve, which permits financial institutions to exchange funds digitally in real-time. The government website in early July stated…(READ MORE)

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