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GREAT DELUSION IS COMING… And UFOs, Nonhuman Intelligence, And Deception Is Coming For YOU

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David Copperfield is one of the most popular magicians in the world, known for creating such grand illusions as the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, for escaping from Alcatraz, and even for levitating over the Grand Canyon. Recently, I attended one of his shows in Las Vegas, where he performed many magic tricks to baffle and amuse the audience. One illusion in particular caught my attention — and left me with an uneasy feeling. With gusto and grandeur, Copperfield made a large, illuminated flying saucer appear. As it levitated above my head, I felt a strong check in my spirit, reminding me of research I had recently come across regarding UFOs. This mysterious spaceship that seemed to pop up from nowhere belonged to a small, animatronic alien named Blu32, with whom Copperfield interacted during the program. So, what was Blu32’s message to the people of earth? “I come in peace and love.” After I left the show, a question immediately came to mind. What would the typical Christian say if one day he or she were to opened a newsfeed and see this headline: “U.S. Government Discloses UFO Bombshell: We Are Not Alone in the Universe.” The mere mention of “aliens” or “extraterrestrial life” is laughable to some, while to others, it’s a valid reason to stock up on tinfoil. But let’s get serious for a moment. As Christians, we should always be prepared to give an answer, even when it comes to “alien life” or “nonhuman intelligence.” The subject of extraterrestrials can certainly bring deception or confusion. When approaching this topic, it’s important to understand that there are large numbers of people primed to accept that a highly evolved species created human beings, seeding our planet millions of years ago. Many of these same people also believe that “aliens” could be the saviors of our dying planet…(READ MORE)

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